Skinny Pig, what an odd little pig, he sure stood out among his fellows. Tall and willowy with ears that sat straight up. He towered over his poor small mother and tiny brothers. Everyday the mother pig would look at him and shake her wrinkled head.

"Oh, just look at you, gambling about as nifty as a fawn. I fear that you were born a deer. You must go at once to find a kind a gentle doe," she said to young Skinny Pig. What a sad thing to say, yet he supposed it was true. All his brothers were fat, round, and stubby, but he just grew and grew. So he said a farewell and left the cozy pigpen for the trees beyond the pasture.

Under the cover of the trees it was dark and frightening. Skinny Pig wanted to return to the sunny, muddy pigpen at once, but he knew he could not, for he was no longer a pig. He was a deer, tall and graceful like any other. What a deer looked like, he wasn't exactly sure, yet he must find one soon.

The deeper he traveled into the woods, the more dark and lonely it became. Deer must be a bit of a frightful creature to lurk about in such a place. Surely a deer would not eat him though, would it? Skinny Pig shivered and put the thought away. No use frightening himself on such assumptions, for he had to be a brave young deer, just like any other.

Finally he did come across a deer and the wonderful creature excited him. The creature was just as tall with sleek sliver fur. Its long legs and upright ears were a perfect match he thought. Skinny Pig ran to the creature and stopped to stand close before it. Yellow eyes watched him as the creature remained unmoving and silent.

"I am Skinny Pig, and I was born a deer, just like you," Skinny Pig announced. The creature opened its toothy jaws and laughed a deep booming laugh.

"Silly young pig, I am far from a deer, and so are you. Return to your happy pigpen before I eat you like the wolf I am." He snapped his huge jaws together, scaring poor Skinny Pig so badly that he ran clear back to the pigpen to cuddle up beside his mother.