Let not the songs of
Fear and hate and death
Flow to you like currents
Driven by woe's breath.

Give not voice to your fear;
Lest it fill your heart.
Many heroes have been led astray,
For terror ripped their souls apart.

Despise not they
Who darken light.
Let no harm reach them
By your might.

Weep not for the perished ones;
For though their bodies find decay,
Their souls are basking high above
In the Master's light of day.

Let not the trials of
Uncertainty and greed,
With their rashness and their wiles,
Your better sense precede.

Mark not those who travel on
The road that's seldom worn.
For they hold truths, though rarely seen,
Beyond all wrath and scorn.

Want not for those things unseen
That never will be yours.
Consider instead those paths ahead
And yet unopened doors.

Let no evil fill your mind
When solace you must seek.
Find no vagabond to help you,
Consult God and you'll find peace.

Engage not in
Those things unjust.
Let ale not fog
Your wisdom's trust.

Can these things be done?
If so, then greater joy they'll bring.
Morning will find a weeping shadow
And light will forever sing.