Upon the still sleeping sand,
The calm and glowing shore,
A maiden's sobs echo through the night
For the prince will come nevermore.

For born aloft, he was,
Upon a dragon's ashen wings,
Carried to another land
Where still do shadows sing.

A gray wolf howled somewhere in
The quiet of that place.
And from a cave crept lions white
Surrounded by light's grace.

The lions watched in silence
As the prince looked on.
One moment they were standing there,
The next minute, they were gone.

The dragon flew above him
While the prince surveyed the land.
Never had they chanced to view
A kingdom quite so grand.

The prince, he sought to own it all,
With no thought for what it was.
He did not know that it was dead
And soaked right through with blood.

He found a cave of elves
And slaughtered them in greed.
One elf there, he let to live,
But did not, her warning heed.

"Ruin shall soon come about,
Oh prince, you should depart.
If you remain here, in these dead lands,
The king will note the shadow in your heart."

The prince then scoffed and sent her on
To find some stone with which to build
A castle that could ne'er be breached.
When she returned, she was killed.

The dragon looked, with wrathful scorn,
Upon the prince who sneered:
"I am lord and none shall find
This land that none have neared."

The castle rose upon a mount,
Though the dragon's hate increased.
He begged the prince to stop this folly
But the prince would never cease.

He went back to the land he left,
To gather faithful souls.
He brought them back to his dead land;
Some sold themselves for gold.

He found a wife and raised a son,
For he must have an heir.
He finally thought to look about
For a crown that he could wear.

"It must be splendid, above all else,
Made with more than jewels.
It must hold power, might, and desire."
And it must contain the people's fears, for the prince was cruel.

He went alone on a search
For what he thought was his.
Little did he know that, in the land below,
A serpent was rising, for blood twas sorely missed.

The serpent was well known, from all common lure,
The tales of the less known tribes, spoken in dark tongues.
They howl and they scream, for great is their pain,
The serpent speaks to them like a burning in their lungs.

The serpent was as ash, lurking in the dark,
Seeking the lost prince, it crept into the day.
It sought to win this war with wit, so thus disguised itself,
It took the form of man and pounced upon its prey.

The prince wondered as to where
From which this man had come.
This man studied him with hate,
And produced a stone with a thrum.

He glared at the lost prince,
Standing straight and tall.
"I give to you this stone, so
Bow to you will all."

Greed filled the prince's eyes as he looked upon the stone.
It glowed a pulsing green, with blood red shining veins.
The prince reached out for this stone, but it was snatched away. The man before him snarled.
"One condition before you own such tempting earthly things."

The prince reluctantly agreed, "What ere' you want is yours"
The man smiled "I require only your soul."
The prince stared with much ill will, but greed then filled his heart.
"You shall have it then, for such a charm as that, tis' only a fair toll."

They tied themselves with twine
And signed a pact in blood.
They then parted ways
And thus, the deed was done.

Many years then passed,
Then the serpent claimed his prize.
At a midnight ball
The prince paid for folly with his life.

He yet lives on, though with no form,
And his son has no rule
Ore the kingdom his father made,
Whoever thought fate was so cruel.

But there is yet hope, in the way of a scribe,
An elder of sorts, a wisp of a ghost.
When the Stars song comes to them again,
When the stars sing, there will be hope.

The searchers look on, for the stars song,
Yet corrupt are their hearts and they ride on no more.
The king is a fool, and covets his stone
The princess is lost, the prince trapped in bone.

The cause is now lost,
The purpose forgotten.
The stars have gone dark,
And the souls are now rotting.

The king has been felled,
And the princess was taken.
The prince is now lost,
And the kingdom was shaken.

To the core of all despair,
Does our kingdom shiver.
The people are crooked arrows,
Drawn from a broken quiver.

No songs will be sung,
No hope will remain.
Until the prince returns,
Until the darkness is slain.

Like smoke come from ash,
Our kingdom is falling.
For a leader we cry,
For a king we are calling.

The prince has returned,
And the darkness is slain.
But the prince, he is doomed,
The darkstar's his bane.

But do not despair,
The stars are now sleeping,
There will later be time
For blood, death, and weeping.

The Stars song must come to save all of the people,
He must arrive here now quickly.
Yet we all fear his coming, for then the wars will rage,
For then blood will pour thickly.

Late is the hour,
The Stars song is here.
Now is the time
For trembling and fear.

The king has returned,
Though soulless and weak.
He needs a new form,
It's Stars song he seeks.

Stars song is brave, and fights for our prince.
The prince, he is dying, though valiant to all ends.
He and Stars song fight, together now, as one.
But, despite all their efforts, this is a war that they cannot win.

Fighting does nothing,
There's nowhere to run.
The king, he is many,
And Stars song is one.

The Stars song is dead,
By his hand, his own.
The darkness is gone,
But too great was the toll.

But there is another, who might save the prince.
The light in the darkness, our last defense.
The Stars song's son, seven from seven,
May save us from death, and fire intenseā€¦