When you close your eyes
Can you see the things not past?
Can you see the sands of time
Pouring from the hourglass?

Can you see worlds other than
The one in which you live?
Can you see people whose
Lives to them you give?

Can you feel their deepest hurt,
Sense their strongest woe?
Can you see their bitter tears
Falling down like snow?

Can you hear their every thought?
See their very soul?
Can you see the things that
Break or make them whole?

Can you see the heroes
And help them through their strife?
Can you bear to watch them fight?
Can you bear to take their life?

Can you see the evil ones
And love them anyway?
Can you comfort all their doubts
And keep their fears at bay?

Can you see the shrinking shadow?
Can you see the growing light?
Can you see the wars unfolding?
Are you ready for your fight?

Do you know the perils of,
The worlds others cannot see?
Do you know their past and present,
And what is yet to be?

Can you see the rulers?
The streets and farthest shore?
Can you see the darkest woodland?
East, West, South, and North?

Can you see the kingdom of
The depths of your mind?
Can you travel to the world
That no one else can find?

When you close your eyes,
Can you see worlds before you?
Can you see the coming stories
Of the kingdoms that you choose?

Can you feel the rising tempest?
The darkness come to close,
The worlds and paths before you,
Feeding from the peoples woes?

Can you also see the hope,
Of a banner not yet raised?
Can you see the coming
Of the kingdom, or the end of days?

All stories must end in some way, still
Some must go on and on.
For far from the final mark in a book
The story is not yet gone.

Have you ever stopped
To think about
The fact that maybe, just someday,
Everyone around the world might really know your name?

When you close your eyes
Do you see worlds unknown?
All things have a tale to tell,
One story could be your own.

All stories have all ready been told,
In some other time and place.
Forgotten by our time and world,
They wait for their return to grace.

They find a person willing,
To know and write them down.
All stories must be told at least one day.
So authors must be found.

Are you one of the chosen few,
The recorders of a tale or two?
If you are, take up your pen
And write down the tale that comes to you.