Falling into Maridel

Chapter One

Sunlight shone through the curtains of my room, making everything glow in the early morning sunlight. Sitting up in my bed I looked over to the clock to see what time it was. The clock flashed back the numbers 8:09. I groaned and fell back onto my pillow and tried to fall back asleep.

"Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike!"
I groaned again and reached over to my dresser for my phone. "Hello?" I answered my voice groggy.

"Good morning Ebony! How are you this fine summer morning?" came the cheery voice of my friend John from the other end.

I rolled my eyes. "Good morning John. So what are we doing today?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out." I could hear the mischievous smile in his voice. "But, you need to wear your swimsuit."

"Okay John. I'll see you in a couple minutes."


Once I had hung up I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I laughed at my reflection. My hair was messy from bed and looked like I had been attacked. Taking a brush of the counter I started brushing down my straight black hair. So you're probably wondering who I am. My name is Ebony White (an oxy moron I know.) and I am half-Asian, half- Jamaican. No I am not Chinese. I'm Korean. My skin is kind of light milk chocolaty; my hair is long and black and almost reaches my waist. My skin is clear but, not perfect. It still get zits from time to time but, not very often. Also I'm an animal and human rights activist and went vegetarian in my freshman year.

Once my hair was brushed I grabbed a pony tail and pulled my hair back. Then I exchanged my sweats for my purple once peace swim suit and old navy swim shorts. Putting on my flip flops on the way out of my room I walked down stairs ate a piece of toast and walked out of my house.

"Ebony!" I turned to my left and saw John waving frantically at me as he rode down the street on his bike. When he reached my yard he hopped off his bike and walked over.

"So, what are we doing today John?"

"We are going," John then paused. I rolled my eyes. Expect John to pause for dramatic effect, "to the lake! So go get your bike and let's go!"

I laughed at John as he shooed me towards my garage and I walked off to get my bike. My bike was a white, mountain bike with 15 shift gears and good shocks. "Let's go!"

It took us about 15 or so minutes to reach the lake, racing on our bikes all the way there.

When we reached the lake we stopped to chain our bikes to a tree before heading for the lake to go swimming. The water was cool compared to the heat of the summer afternoon and felt nice sliding over my skin. There was no wind today so the lake was glassy and serene.

"Cannonball!" John yelled, then he landed into the water and water flew out in all directions, splashing my face.

"John you're so weird!" I told him teasingly, once he'd surfaced.

"And very proud of it thank-you very much Ebony!" We both laughed and then we raced around the lake until lunch time where we went on shore to eat the lunches that John's mom had made us. John had a ham and turkey sandwich with lettuce and mayo while I had a slice of vegetarian pizza. Once we were finished eating John stood up.

" Ebony, race you through the forest and back."

I smiled," You're on! Five bucks I can win."

"We have a deal." We then shook hands and got into a starting position. "Ready… Set…Go!"

Then we raced off through the forest. I hung back and let John take the lead. A few moments later I crashed into him when I wasn't paying attention. "John why did you- " I stopped as I looked up, answering my own question. In front of us was huge bear. Its mangy fur was thick and its claws looked like carving knives. "John whatever you do don't-" John dashed away "-run." I finished with a sigh. The bear roared and I ran after John as fast as my legs would carry me. As I ran next to John I could hear the bear crashing through the bushes behind us.

Suddenly I was falling I looked down and saw large spiky rocks underneath us. I felt John grab my hand and I closed my eyes tight as possible. We fell for what seemed like endless hours, both of us awaiting our deaths.

SPLASH! I felt cool water slide over my head and on instinct I swam upwards. I broke the surface and coughed. I looked around. Where was John? "John?" I yelled out across the lake.

"Over here!" I heard John reply, I turned and some him some distance off.

"What happened?"

"I don't really know but, I suggest that we get out of this lake before we drown or get hypothermia."

I nodded my agreement and we headed towards the shore. Once we got to the shore we pulled ourselves out of the water and stared at the sky. "What happened?" I asked.

"I don't know." John replied, "The last thing I remember is staring at rocks and then… I don't know."

"Well no use just sitting here. I'm gonna go gather some firewood." I got up without waiting for an answer from John and walked off towards a nearby forest I spotted. As I walked around the forest I looked around and picked up dry pieces of wood that I could carry.

"Who are you and where are you from?" A voice behind me startled me making me jump and almost drop all of my wood. I looked around and saw no one.

"Are you going to answer my questions?" I spun around again and saw no one.

"Where are you?" I asked, still curious as to where the voice was coming from.

"Answer my question and I'll tell you." The voice was obviously male and sounded very arrogant and self confident.

"Okay… My name is Ebony White and I'm from San Francisco, California. Now I have some questions for you. Who are you, where are you, and why did you need to ask me who I was?"

"My, my aren't you a curious one." A hand came and tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped and turned around to be face by a guy who looked to be about 6'2, with dark brown hair, olive colored skin, and yellow eyes. He looked very handsome, immediately after I thought that I blushed. Curse my Jam-Asian skin! He smirked. "My name is Justin, no I do not have a last name, and the answer to your third question you don't need to know."

"Okay then… where are we?" He seemed surprised at first then, angry.

"There are two of you?" Anger burned in his eyes like flames as he glared down at me though his voice remained neutral.

"Umm… Yes?"

"Umm… Yes?" My answer seemed to anger him even more.

"Where is this other one then?" His voice was now filled with just as much anger as his eyes.

"Down by the lake?" As soon as I replied he grabbed my arm, making me drop my wood, and began to drag me towards the lake. We reached the lake and he dragged me over to where he'd spotted John.

"Ebony," John asked, looking around Justin at me, "who is this? And also, why are you guys holding hands?"

When I realized Justin was still holding my hand I blushed bright red and pulled my hand out of his. "Well… John this is Justin, Justin this is John."

John glared at Justin and Justin glared back.

"So…. Mind answering my question from earlier?" I said, Justin glanced over at me and broke his and John's glaring match.

"You're in Maridel." He replied, saying it like it should be obvious.

"Maridel?" John asked, looking just as confused as I though I was.

Justin sighed and proceeded to speak, "Maridel is the place where every myth and legend has lived. It, like a planet, has an orbit around your entire galaxy, occasionally crossing the paths of some of the planets in your solar system. The reason you humans have yet to discover it is because it moves faster than the speed of light and is impossible to see with the human eye."

"You say 'human' as though you're not."

"That's because I'm not." He smiled evil and I saw that he had huge canines about the size of half of my pinkie. I shivered.

"W-What are you?"

He smirked again and replied, "That is for me to know, and you to never find out."

"Anyways," John said, interrupting us, "Can you help us get home?"

"Well… I'm afraid that you're stuck here unless…" he trailed off.

"Unless what?"

"Well, I'm probably not the one who should tell you. Come, I'll take you to where you can get the answers you seek." He turned and I began to follow, with John in tow.