I. new
it is a shiny toy on the shelf.
it glistens, it is colorful, it is beautiful.
there are no fault lines,
it is perfect,
it is mine.

II. old
you are not so shiny anymore.
you are dusty, you are chipping.
all your cracks are clear.
you are well loved,
but imperfect,
and still,

III. breaking
you are dull.
there is no color to you,
your eyes fall out, we do not play.
you sit on the shelf, but not for safety:
i do not care for you.
maybe still

VI. broken

you are faded.
you fell from the shelf,
maybe for my attention?
my mother said you had cracked.
i said put it in the trash.

V. gone
i had forgotten you entirely.
one day i will find a curl on my floor
and wonder whose it had been.