Say something useful




To look into another pair of eyes

To understand the scars that

Are not on unmarked skin

In place for all the world to see.

Something so tight in the laugh lines

That have nothing to do with the joy their memory holds.

But to say.

To find the words that take the scars

And kiss them gently.

To find something to wipe the now dried tear tracks

From someone's cheek.

To open one's own wounds

and bleed for only Their eyes to see.

Swap your pain and resentment for the moment

Understand this, my plea.

There are others with deeper scars

Mounded scars

Scars just like yours

Scars still fresh from the healing

Still bleeding from the infliction.

But say.

Nothing conveys more than showing your own scars

Surely your eyes be not so bright

Surely your mind not so naive

To believe in words so carefully spoken

Would regrow the skin

To reform their belief that there was never a scar to not speak of.


There's nothing to say in time such as this.

Speak silence for once.