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Car wrecks happen, almost every twenty to thirty minutes throughout the world every day.

Few people who are in these accidents end up with fatal injuries which are almost as bad as death. The ones who get out easily survive with a couple gashes, cuts and occasionally a broken bone or two.

My point is, many people die from car accidents, very few survive.

Well, I was one of those very few, I had what you call a NDE (Near Death Experience), but now I'm starting to think I was past 'near' and hit death.

Why?, you ask.

Because, I saw my mother.

But my mother died when I was born.

It all happened on Friday, March fourteenth, nineteen-ninety-four.

My dad, my sister and myself where driving out to the ocean on the coast of Oregon, which was about three hours away from our house.

I remember it very well, seeing as how I was four-years-old at the time being.

My sister, Kat leaned forward from the backseat so she could see dad better.

"Daddy, are we there yet?" she asked, her soft voice ringing like little bells.

Dad smiled, "Yeah, we're almost there sweetheart."

Kat sat back next to me and stared at the floor.

Everything was silent for a moment, then I herd a loud honking from up ahead that sounded like it came from a huge truck.

Then everything felt like it went into high-speed.

One split second, I look up, out the windshield to find a huge eighteen wheeler heading for us, he was honking, trying to warn us, but we couldn't do anything, there was no where to go.

This is where I knew everything was going to end.

I quickly looked up, the truck was still a good distance away, but he was moving fast.

Then I looked to dad who had a panicked face, as he tried to figure out where to go to get out of the trucks way.

But there was no where to go, on the left there was a cliff that went strait down hundreds of feet to the ocean.

On the right was solid forest, there was no where to pull over to get out of the trucks way, no where to go.

You'd think the guy could hit his breaks, but he had a light blinking on the front of his car which dad said meant his breaks broke, and he was going downhill.

The truck was getting closer, I looked over at my sister who had a look of dread spread across her face, so I leaned over, tightly hugged her then closed my eyes and embraced myself for impact.

It all went so fast, it seems.

The trucks horn was still honking loudly, Kat was now screaming, as well as crying, Dad was yelling 'GIRLS! GET ON THE FLOOR, HOLD ON TIGHT AND DON'T LET GO! COVER YOUR HEADS, And I love you!'.

We did as he said, we got on the floor, put a hand over our head and held on to a bar on the floor.

Moments after we did so, I felt the car jolt, then I herd a huge "CRUNCH"

Kat was still screaming but the honking had stopped.

Then came another crash, along with the jolt, this time I knew another truck hit the one that hit us in the first place, the second truck sent our car flying a couple feet, then it rolled and flipped upside down.

Kat's screaming and Dad's yelling was cut off abruptly, then everything went black.

When I finally opened my eyes, all I saw was darkness, then a bright white figure with beautiful wings appeared in front of me, when I looked up, It was mom.

She leaned down and hugged me tightly, "My beautiful Kate," she paused, "It's not your time to go my darling." she smiled, kissing my forehead.

"B-but mommy! What about daddy, and Kat?!" I cried, looking up at her, tears streaming down my face.

"They decided, it was their time to go, but it's not yours my baby." she hugged me tighter and kissed me once more.

Then, Darkness.

This time when I awoke, I could feel warm sunshine on my skin, and I felt strong arms holding onto me, my eyes fluttered open, soon my bright blue eyes locked on to the man holding onto me.

He was in a yellow jacket with a black helmet, which only meant one thing, he was a fireman.

Once he saw my eyes open, he realized I was alive,

"Guys!, she's awake!, she's alive!." he said looking up, then looking back down to me.

"Hi sweetheart, I'm Matt, You're going to come home with me so my wife can clean you up and take care of your wounds. Sound okay?" he said sweetly, wiping my bangs that where askew from my eyes.

I nodded, because I couldn't speak, I was too shocked.

He carefully got up, still holding me tight in his arms, then he walked up to one of the red trucks that had his name on the side.

He carefully sat me down on the seat next to the wheel, then he got in and we drove off, back down the beautiful coast of Oregon.