3 hours…
In 13…
Almost 2 weeks…

We hang out for three hours in almost two weeks…
You wonder why I'm distant…
I never see you to know things are ok…
You hang out with other girls…

Leave me for a weekend
and don't make time for me when you come back.

You ask other girls to hang out
And stop texting me.

Don't tell me what the hell's happening in your life,
What you're doing,
What's going wrong,
Anything of any value
to someone who is your "girlfriend"
that you don't tell people about.

And so I slip up,
Step away quietly in the night
To another guys car
Another guy's arms
Another guy's bed.

You asked if I'd leave you for _
You should have asked if I'd leave you-
For even just a fling with Joe.

But I've come to realize I don't have to leave you for that,
You just have to leave for a weekend,
And Joe's girlfriend leave for the same weekend,
And it will happen, it can happen…
It's going to happen…

And I feel only mildly bad.

things lately havent been good between us, not because he's busy really, he just doesnt try.
I've spent so much time making him happy and i dont get even an after thought. . .
but i have nothing if i dont have him, so i stay.