A Short Story

When she died, I felt I died as well, I was never going to see her again. So when I saw her sitting on my swing I didn't know what to do.

"But you're dead!" I shouted.

"No silly, I never died…because I was never really alive in the first place." She smiled warmly at me as if she had just said 'Of course the sky is blue…duh!'.

"But I went to your funeral, put flowers on your grave, watched your parents cry then watched them leave town afterwards because they couldn't cope with your death!"

She looked down at the ground her rosy cheeks radiating in the sun. "That was all show, as you know no one could possibly survive that fall so everyone would think it suspicious that I survived. Remember it wasn't just you and me there." She gave me another smile innocently sweet, but after a glance over my shoulder that smile was replaced with a frown, her whole face the picture of fear. "Come on we must go. They're after you."

She started pulling me away, dragging me behind as she ran. We got out of my garden and were at the top of my street in seconds, as we turned the corner only then did I sneak a look at our followers. A man about 6 foot tall with dark mahogany hair, and eyes red with rage, the woman by his side was a fair bit shorter than him but had the same eyes. I knew these people, but had never seen them look like this, they were…her parents! Her parents were after me! Why?

We twisted and turned through houses until we had lost our followers, her parents. "Why are your parents after me?" I panted.

"My parents never liked you, they always wanted you dead. I just didn't know it was to this extent." She wasn't panting like I was, she hadn't even broken into a sweat. "We better get to a safe place I can hear them getting closer." I didn't hear anything but trusted her instincts.

She had already started running so as I trailed behind her I noticed something that had changed since we had been in my garden, her hair was slowly getting longer, rather than the black bob she had in my garden her hair was now shoulder length and growing. Her skin had also changed, instead of nice tanned skin her skin had paled, however I had to put that down to fright.

She stopped, turning to look at me. "Let's go to my hide out, we'll be safe in there," She carried on running, "That's where I have been hiding since my funeral, no one can get in there if you lock it from the inside. But hurry, they probably know that we're heading there and they know where it is as well, we just have to beat them there."

Following her I knew she must be telling the truth because tears were streaming down her face as she repeatedly apologised for her parents behaviour, for dragging me into this. As we neared an alley way she pointed to a door at the end which she told me was her hide out, that's when I heard them coming, getting nearer. It wasn't footsteps or anything normal, all I heard was wind whistling past something, then I heard their shouts, pleas for us to stop. I picked up the pace, not wanting to get killed.

Ahead she had opened the door, she ran back to me and pulled me inside locking the door. Her hide out was like a cement prison cell, grey walls, a less than inviting bed, a sink, toilet, fridge and an old stove/oven. I turned around facing the door, it was like a vault door, all shiny silver, with weird mechanisms.

Her parents slammed against the door outside, slamming their fists against it. " Let him go! Don't do it! You promised….you promised. Don't do this to him! Stop!" They kept repeating the same sentences over and over, sobs in between the odd sentence. I turned towards her.

"What do they mean? Didn't you say that they were trying to kill me?" I watched as her innocent face twisted, she buried her face in her hands and started to cry. Or at least I thought it was crying until it turned into an evil chuckle, she raised her head out of her hands and looked at me with blood red eyes. I turned to the door but she blocked my path, her hair had stopped growing in reaching the bottom of her spine, her pale skin had a blue tint due to the dim lighting, her smirk wasn't so innocent anymore, and her red eyes glowed in the dimness. "What are you?"

She chuckled. "I am the undead. I am a vampire. After that fall I ran before that boulder hit the ground. Don't believe what you read though, we don't burn in daylight or any of that crap. We are very quick though." In the blink of an eye she was behind me, stroking my neck with her fingernail.

"How old are you?" I didn't know what to say, much less what to do. So I just stood there paralysed.

"Well I've been a vampire for one hundred and one years, I was sixteen and it was 1909. I have looked sixteen since then. Plus those are my real parents they were changed the same time as me."

"Why are you doing this? What are you going to do to me?" I started shaking uncontrollably.

"Well I wanted to see what it was like to be normal again, it was going brilliantly until I fell of that cliff and that boulder 'landed' on top of me. Your blood always did look good pumping through your veins, plus you know too much now." She licked the side of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. My body was no use, still paralysed in it's position, I could still hear her parents screaming outside. "Bye Jake."

After those words left her mouth something sharp pierced the skin on my neck. As her fangs dug deeper I felt blood rushing down my neck. Her tongue darted out, lapping up the blood as she sucked up as much blood as she could, but I knew she wasn't going to leave me alive.

I was starting to lose consciousness, and I knew that as soon as I had completely lost consciousness I was dead, so before I died I whispered, "Well, does it tastes good Saily." Hatred tainted my words. I wanted to say something way worse but I didn't think swearing should be my final words.

My eyelids became too heavy to keep open, so I let them close and descended into darkness.

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