Zach smiled and waved at the mother giving him a disgusted look. So he was wearing a skirt, sue him. It was pretty, and purple, and if he swished his hips just right, it swirled in a beautiful fashion. He turned away from the unhappy woman, she was just jealous anyway, giving a spin for her pleasure, and sauntered off down the malls' main corridor. He couldn't be bothered by close-mindedness today because Trey was waiting for him at the wishing fountain.

Ah Trey, his anti Adonis. The brown haired, hazel eyed teen who knew exactly what to say to turn Zach to jelly. There he was, casually sitting, sprawled out on the fountains' edge, waiting for Zachs' skirt clad ass to show up. The skirt wearing boy in question tugged at his hemline nervously as he poised himself on the concrete edge next to his boyfriend.

"Hey babe." Treys' face broke out into a bright smile. "You're wearing it." Under Trey's scrutiny, Zach began to toy with his hemline again.

"Of course, I love all the clothes you buy me." He giggled like a schoolgirl. "This is the absolute cutest skirt in history.

"That's why I bought it. Now come here." Trey pulled Zach onto his lap. "I hope you're wearing panties under this."

"For now I am, hopefully not for too much longer." They crashed their lips together, Zach moaning as it happened.

"Let's go." Trey panted, desperately needing air. "We're suppose to be shopping." The two boys stood, the shorter of the two righting his skirt before they linked hands and walked off. Neither teen seemed bothered by the stares they attracted, Zach deciding it was because he was smoking hot. He voiced this thought to his partner, eliciting a throaty laugh from him.

"Whatever you say squirt." He tousled Zachs' hair. "Let's go play in Hot Topic."

"What do you think of this skirt Trey?" Zach held a Lolita skirt against his waist. He hoped it would look good on him, but not as much as he wished that the metal adorned sales girl wouldn't stare at Trey's ass. That was Zach's property.

"I like it. I'll go get a dressing room key."

"No, I'll get the key." Zach marched up to the check-out counter; he didn't want Trey near the saleswoman. "I need a key to a dressing room and for you to stop ogling my man." He snarled. Smirking, the girl dropped a key into Zachs' hand.

"No one tells me what I can and can't have. Especially not some skirt wearing fag." Giving a smirk of his own, Zach went back to Trey, pulling him into a deep kiss. When he pulled away, he mouthed "Mine" to the worker and headed to try on the skirt.

"Come on Trey, I'm going to need help getting this thing on." Oh yes, Trey was Zachs' and no needle happy creep had any chance of changing that. Taking his hand, Zach drug Trey in the dressing room with him where he let the purple skirt fall to the floor.

"I was joking when I made the comment about panties." Trey laughed. "Little flying hearts and lace."

"Don't' laugh. They're sexy and happen to match my outfit." Zach stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend. He turned to pick the Lolita skirt from the built in bench, squeaking when Treys' hand slipped past the elastic of the panties. Ignoring the item he'd wanted to try on, Zach instead reached for his purse next to it. He dug through the jumbled insides for his purse, eventually pulling out a condom which he threw at Trey. In Zach's personal opinion, purses were evil and the downside of skirts.

"Put that on." He ordered, referring to the condom. Dammit, he wanted sex and he'd prefer it now! He removed his panties as he waited for Trey to roll on the condom, pretty sure the brunette was going as slow as he was to torture him. As soon as the rubber sex device was fully unrolled, Zach pulled Trey onto the bench. Trey moved so his body wasn't hanging off the edge, already knowing that Zach wouldn't do the floor. Zach straddled Treys' hips, pushing his own hips back to impale himself on his lovers' length, gasping from the pain he always failed to remember.

They emerged five minutes or so later, neither fully satisfied with their quickie. Lolita skirt in hand, Zach ambled up the cashier, smiling when she looked at his tangled hair in mild shock.

"I'll take it." He told her despite not having tried it on.

"Did you two just…"

"Don't worry, we didn't leave a mess anywhere." The girl winced at the comment but rang him up without a word.