I am a princess and he is my knight;
We lived together in the Kingdom of Wright
And even though our romance was ill-advised,
We swore that we would remain by each other's side

My country is torn apart and he goes to war;
He says it is me which he is fighting for
He looks so valiant in his armour of steel:
I don't know how our love could be so perfect and real

Dear maiden, he writes, how do you fare?
I miss your laughter and the smell of your hair
I miss your bright eyes and am sorry we had to part—
Forever and always, your loving sweetheart

As time passes the letters become fewer and fewer;
And all my days are nothing but a blur
I pray and I hope to the heavens above,
That he has not fallen out of love

He comes home one day, a maiden in his arms;
It is not me and I do not fall for his charm
Somehow I feel as if we have both changed:
Goodbye is the only word that we exchange