Where I'm From

I am from love

From cars and long drives

I am from under developed systems

Screaming sirens

Not breathing in the night

I am from hospitals

Oxygen tubes

Panic- stricken parents and family

And coming home a week later

I am from watching daddy build things in the garage

Learning about all his tools

I'm from my best friend's Fourth of July party

Setting my hand on fire with a cigarette and TNT

From basements and copy machines

I'm from broken toes

Obtained by the evil swing set

At recess one day

I'm from sister leaving

Going abroad to support her husband defending our freedom

From mother going to visit her

And help her with her new-born daughter

And people loving me unconditionally

Even though I mess up

Time and time again

Knowing I can turn to them

With all of my troubles and grief

I am from these moments

Some happy, some sad

Just making me stronger one experience at a time.