IMPORTANT: Time does not travel at a constant rate in Hell. I mean, why should it? The eternally damned are going to be there forever anyways. So from now on, I will put a location (either Hell or Earth), how many Earth days have passed since Dexi's death, and how many days in Hell have passed in Hell. Thanks again for sticking with this story! Please review! *begs*

Location: Hell
Earth Days Passed: Less than 1
Hell Days Passed: 6

Dexi was falling apart at the seams. First, he died. Second, he's in Hell. Third, some psycho zombie wannabe told him that his girlfriend was going to die a very painful death sometime soon. Fourth, his girlfriend was coming to Hell when she died. He really wanted to see her again, but not in HELL!

He sighed and sat on the ground, trying to avoid the piles of corpses that were heaped everywhere.

Six days had passed, maybe Athryl didn't (and wasn't) going to die. She was smart, maybe she avoided the danger.

He hoped so. It was so hard to hope in Hell. He was amazed that he could.

Dexi suddenly sensed that someone was behind him. This frightened him, since he had not seen any other soul in the six days that he had been here, except Xolan. He cautiously turned around.

"Oh shit, it's you." Dexi said flatly.

"Don't sound so surprised. You should be happy it's me and not your girlfriend. Unless you want to see her dead." Xolan said, still trying to piss him off.

It apparently worked.

"Piss off, dickhead."

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

Dexi stood up. "I'm not shitting around with you. Stay away from me." He turned and started to walk off. Xolan followed him.

"No. I will follow you for the rest of eternity. We are the only two souls in this level of Hell, so there is no getting rid of me. Sucks for you."

"I don't guess I could commit suicide, could I?"

"No. You're already dead, dumbass."

Dexi started to glow with the aura-like light that was pure strength.


Dexi turned around and punched Xolan in the face, breaking his neck, crushing his face and sending him flying ten yards back.

Dexi was momentarily stunned at what he had just done, but then was pleased with himself. Maybe Xolan would stay dead, and become one of the many corpses that were laying around.

Much to Dexi's amazement, however, Xolan stood.

Dexi watched in disgust as Xolan's face twisted and contorted back to its normal look and his neck healed with a sickening 'crunch' noise.

"Damn. You didn't die."

"I just told you. We are in Hell! I can't die!"

Dexi muttered under his breath.

There had to be some way to get rid of him. He had to find that way at any cost. He couldn't stand to be stuck with him for the rest of eternity. This place was starting to feel a lot more like Hell with Xolan around.

Location: Earth
Earth Days Passed: Less than 1
Hell Days Passed: 9

Athryl was close to the man in black, she could feel it. She had walked around all day asking people if they had seen a man that matched his description.

All of the townspeople's information led her to a run down hotel three miles outside of the town limits. She felt an extremely persistent pull radiating from it.

"He must be there," She said to herself. "Time to die. Time to find Dexi. Time to end this nightmare."

The nightmare hadn't even begun yet.

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