A/N: Some readers say this reminded them of Silence of the Lambs and two characters named Hannibal Lector and Clarice. I have never seen the movie and only heard of the names, so out of concern for readers possibly viewing this as a fanfic, Clarice's name has been changed. Hope you enjoy. :D

Today was the absolute perfect day to confess my love for dear Beth. Valentines Day comes only once a year. My gift had to be unique, no cheap heart boxes for her, no sir. I would not be just another clone in her mind. But what to get? I had no money and little resources. Those stuck up white clothed men would not even let me have a pair of scissors for crafts, I tell you! What did they expect me to use, my teeth and nails? Possible, yes, but painful. My only definite resource was the little squares of thin paper the men gave me with my meals. What use is there in such thin paper, really? No use at all, that's what. Pathetic idiots they all are. Except for Beth, of course, she was so different in every way. Her smile was like the rays of sun light that occasionally fell through my window.

The rattle of the door broke through my daydream. The ugly, fat faced lunch man was back. He set my bowl of indescribable soup on the bedside table and turned to leave without a word. I glared at his back. Not even a bout of small talk was ever offered. Stupid oaf he was. Suddenly inspiration hit me like a brick to the head. I had to act on it quick. With a silent lunge I lept on the huge man's back to grab at his head. Before he could react I swiftly twisted my hands and snapped his neck. He went down without much of a commotion. I shut the door carefully, listening closely for a moment for any footsteps in the hall. Not a sound was heard. I grinned and rubbed my hands together in delight.

Hours later I had finally finished my task. By golly I was messy, but my goal was achieved. The heart was beautiful and gleamed like a jewel in the light from the window. True, it was not like the traditional Valentines hearts, but it was my best work. I kicked the body under my bed just in time for Beth to come around with my medicine. I could hear her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. I wiped off my uniform the best I could and scooped up the lovely heart. As soon as I heard her near the door I swung it open with an impressive flourish.

"Happy Valentines Day Beth!" I announced as I presented her with the heart. She was so breathtaken by my gift that she dropped the tray of medicine and squealed with joy. My grin spread further as she leapt forward to embrace me. Oh how wonderful it all was. Dear Beth was finally in my arms. Nothing could be closer to heaven than this moment. I was so happy that I was even falling into a dream. My body felt so light and the room turned hazy with the sun light that was growing stronger through the window. Beth's lovely face hovered before my eyes as I slipped into the warmth that was enveloping me, making my eyelids grow heavy. So this was true love. How right those writers of old had been. I sighed and smiled at her before closing my eyes and drifting off in her arms.