All That I Wish To Be

I'm sick of you telling me

How responsible I am.

If only you knew what you see;

That I really don't give a damn.

I only wish you knew the truth,

See the me behind the lie.

If only you knew the reasons why,

I always want to cry.

I wish you'd quit telling me

That you wish that I'd try more.

Because every passing day.

I always try to soar.

If only my wings would spread,

And take me far away.

I'd only want to be myself,

And leave behind this bay.

I want to be the one you love,

The one you'd proudly state,

That you're proud to be the parent of

In this sick ill wishing fate.

I see it all the time around

The world and in this place.

The pain that came of a single break;

The thing that made us frown.

If only you could see it to,

I know for once you'd see.

All that can become of me.

All that I wish to be.