Such amusing creatures the wind hath blown

They take away your problems, and leave you with their own

Open the door, there they hail

Open the window, feel the gale

They'll save your life, and ruin it later

I tell you now, they certainly cater

To fools such as yourself.

Throw back the bolt!

The monster bids you

Let it in and it shall issue

Healing and injury

Then leave in a fury

Though it will not hurry;

Best of luck to you.

It soothes your pains,

It removes your eye's gleam;

It casts off the rain,

It crushes your dreams.

You would be hoping for the beast to depart,

But you cannot- it has disabled your heart.

And whatever spirit was left in your head,

Whatever spark separated you from the dead,

Will disappear, along with your soul

And your life will become a rather deep hole.

You can cover it up with laughter and joy

But inside you shall remain dark and devoid.

You won't have a pain, nor a life.

Now what was that about all your strife?