Your Love: The Bottomless Pit

Your love is like
Cockroaches and weeds
No matter how I try
To rid myself of it
It just keeps coming back
I could throw it far
Across the vast sea
And it would just return
With an Australian postal stamp
The last thing I see
Before your love knocks me out cold

It isn't that I don't like you
Or appreciate your loyalty
It isn't that I don't appreciate
The faithfulness you give me
But the further I push you
Your love pushes back harder
Like the returned pendulum swing
Of a big, red punching bag
Full of glitter that itches
And won't come off of my skin

Overtime that you are away
For those thankful, brief intervals
Your love always grows in strength
And it's overbearing
Strong, willful, but blind
That I don't feel the same way
I asked you if it was possible
We could just be friends
Or better yet, strangers
Yet here am I again
Wearing your ornate
Ball and chain

Your love is like
Cockroaches and weeds
Which are just a fact of life
In my low rate hotel reality
It's best to learn to accept it
Because it'll never go away
Rather, it just defines who I am
And who I am
Is a person who was beaten
Into a love-induced coma
And I know you are out there
And I know you'll always be there
As sure as the laws of physics
You will always be there
Even after nuclear holocaust