There is a monster on the brim

Whose intentions merit the legend grim.

The creature's epic, such a tragic tale

May justify his dark assail.

Townsfolk, fearing the loss of their babes

Sent woodsman out on slaughter raids.

Their king, whom with all their quandaries dealt

Offered the nimrods wealth for submitted pelts

Wanderers will find few stories worse

His matriarch killed for a measly purse

Such behavior no demons could ever condone

Left him stray in the thickets, naive and alone.

For his life, he fled the grisly sight,

Released his anguished wail into the night.

Over time, he grew to enormous size

Retaining the agony in his eyes.

Rage augmented his glorious physique,

Never again would he be abandoned and meek.

Now he be a spiteful brute,

Smites all those who undervalue

If you belittle your beloved, heed my advice-

Or don't condemn me when you fall through the ice.

Pride and dignity, cold twin hates

Below their stage the beast awaits

Should you triumph, still beware

Lest you be caught in its malefic snare.

You are unkind to the "best," malign for the least

Dear, look about you; you're in the belly of the beast.