A poem I wrote when I was lost, empty, broken, frustrated, and…well, hopeless.

Seems pretty…strange now. As in, foreign…and, obviously, a little disturbing, but, it disturbed me then too.

Stalk the night the way we do. Blood is just a way of knowing…

They know you're here.

From the cradle to grave, Days are dreams and honey, dreams are nothing.

His whole life he danced around Death.

Now it's his turn.

When your time comes, don't say goodbye-just let go.

Your new journey will begin.

Give me a sign that you're ready to go.

But I'll stay if you want me to.

Remember that she can see us.

Your love is like the blackest rose. Kiss the nightmares, they're all we have.

Hope all you want, but this is hopeless.

Don't give into the venom; it's just another enemy.

Our weapon is persistence. We keep going.

What's in a name? Speaking themes of violence; if it makes them feel better,

We never took them seriously.

Never listen to a word they say. You're only wasting your time.

Charge the reaction…

Your love is like the blackest rose. Kiss the nightmares, they're all we have, they're all we have; I dread these nights but they're all I have!

Hate is a way to avenge your lost love

Gone are the days that the stars dreamt above…

Stalk the night

So yeah, pretty messed up. Although, if you look closely in certain parts, it's as if the…self-preserver in me was fighting to get through and remind me that hope is always there. There are a few points in there that I actually like and, actually, this is the first song that I wrote out of sheer depression. I just felt the need to put this out there for anyone who might need it.

This was me. Of course, life still isn't all sunshine and roses (who would want that?!), and I still have a hard time sometimes but(!) it's more…environmental. You know, shallow, hypocritical peers and whatnot. Unfortunately, there has been no effort to cure them.