There's a nervous ache
Burning deep within my veins.
I have felt the freezing silence
That no longer wields your name.
With every bleeding heartbeat
I grow cold and fade away.
It's all part of the cycle
That will love me dead someday.
I held onto the emptiness,
I fell into the lies,
I watched the fragile shatter
of my castle in the sky.
The paper hearts and promises
Now burn and turn to ash.
I am tattered, bruised, defeated
By the beast of my own past.
The fragment rays of light
Cast pale shadows on the face
Of the ever-growing heartache
And the things I can't erase.
I tried to hold on desperately.
I held on far too long.
Now the demons sing refrains
of the dying angel's song.

I am redeemed, yet unforgiven.