You fill my heart with joy, the sight of your skin

Akin to feelings of purity, like when I was but a mere boy

You convey your love to us, how do we repay?

Your tears are flowing like your rivers twin

My love for you will never die, never wither, always within

They called you many names, neglected you, fallow

You bestow your beauty and sacrifice for us, you deserve a halo

You were used, and you were abused, but still you did not falter

They walked all over you, the ripped you from your very roots, no shame no censor

They tried to cripple you, but you kept on running

Always managed to rise from the ashes, still smiling, simply cunning


My Love you survived the sands of time, like a rhapsodists rhyme

Permanently engraved in my eyelids, for all of lifetime

We had left you to die, for that you should not forgive,

But look into your heart, for the sake of peace, we hold out a branch of Olive

When you very core is racked with gloom and doom

When you are choked to death gasping for air,

Please do not despair, keep on going, though you may need to grope,

Just around the corner shines that ray of hope

That ray of hope may be all that's left, left you to die all alone

Your will to survive has been bereft, but don't throw that rope just yet,

Together we'll cope.


I live inside your very soul, the very stream of blood that flows

Within every inch of your body, your existence, my only motive

I live for your smile once more, for the ululation of joy

Akin to feelings of purity, like when I was but a mere boy

I live for you eternal, the dark you will not see

That glimmer in your eye, your angelic spark, you mean the world to me

You are that desert rose, my mountain dew, so fresh so rare

Your beauty is unparalleled, truly nothing can compare

People may stare with their jaundiced eye

We will never desert you, leave you to die, no goodbye

The hurts of the past - they should all be dead.

The fears of the future are all in your head.

Just live in the present and refuse to mope

Your life will once again sparkle for you're our living hope.


I hope you noticed the way I feel for you

I hope you noticed that these feelings are real, must be true

When you are near me I feel so secure, my love for you will forever endure

You revealed your true love to me, a love so pure

You revealed a love I never thought I'd see, a million hearts you lure

My love, without you, we are nothing at all,

But you will rise from the fires, a Phoenix we will haul.


The lion of the Euphrates, you bring me so much joy

Akin to feelings of purity, like when I was but a mere boy

I think about you day after day, without fail or delay,

For you are my true inspiration, my reason for being, together we lay

The cost of innocent lives you have seen with your very own eyes

Can't fathom a pain so great as the blood flowing when your own one dies

Been through too much, fed so many lies,

But you my Angel fight on, from sunset to sunrise

You live to battle another day; brush aside what others will say

Because come what may, your soul they will not slay


Build on this hope, one day at a time

Though the road my feel steep and hard to climb

Together we'll strife to get you back to your prime

You are the world's catalyst, the very enzyme.

Your musk I long to inhale, your rivers I wish to swim in

Your food that I will not eat, unless by your hand you feed

My mind hurts from the constant thought of you, my eyes they bleed

Minutes turn to hours, hours to months, and months to eternity

My life incomplete without you, expectations you exceed

The stars in your crystal clear skies will not affect me,

Their gleaming cycles of life spur no emotion, until I'm sat there gazing them with you.


You were the first to bless this earth, the earth that gave me life

To your flesh I wish to return, sacrifice as we sacrificed you, in the back that jagged knife

The strident child's cry in the distance, muting the sounds of the Allied blitz

Lacerates the very core of my heart, shivers dancing down my spine

But My Love, you outwit all culprits, you don't just sparkle, you shine.


My efficacious feline, you purr with content and joy

Akin to feelings of purity, like when I was but a mere boy

The tide will rise, in your favour it will return

The alloy of a thousand bloods spilt in your honour

The auburn colour of your cheeks, your smiles we will not censor

Those allied doubters we will annoy, together we stand, and hatred will adjourn

For we owe our lives to you, my love, without you, we are nothing at all,

But you will rise from the fires, a Phoenix we will haul.