The Kiss

My breath was lost, my heart had tripped

His lips were so very close to mine

The suspense, the anticipation

A toxic drug made from the divine

There it was coursing thru my fragile veins

The breath of his life, the taste of his lips

Logic had escaped my grasp long ago

As I trembled from my heart beats kiss

There was an instinctive rhythm we set

Primitive yet it was unique to just us

Like a magnet I was pulled towards his essence

Played a part, but I knew it was more than lust

His eyes, his eyes were telling my story

The love, it was reflected, it was echoed

In that moment of vulnerability

The wounds he'd made he seemed to have sowed

Our desperation had been amplified

Tongues and teeth clashed ruthlessly together

We knew it would all end way too soon

A revengeful fever broke thru like no other

Everywhere he touched seemed to tingle

I wanted, I needed, no I craved more

I new all I had to do was ask

Sure I'd win the battle but I'd lose the war

If it's right, well all truth is revealed in time

If it's wrong, well it's the best of all sinning

Nothing matters when I'm in his arms

The kiss, his kiss, was my end and my beginning.

MEW… 1/15/2009