There's a hole in my stomach

That I can't fill

Nothing can give me what I need

Nothing will

It anxiously pours

And doubles itself over

As if just to say,

Quite clearly, true, and sober-

That I am a waste

That all that I do

Is all, but, for naught

Til otherwise comes through

I feel it, so heavy

Like lead in a chest

That slipped overboard

In the Marinas Trench

What more can I do?

I give all I have

I know no other way

So go ahead and laugh

I feel like I'm failing

Again and again

Like I shoulda caught on

As fist clenches pen

But the fury that reeks

Of a somber mistrust

In me, my beliefs,

Is a tragedy, but

I must carry on

I am not a fool

So what if I serve

As a failed wordsmith's tool?

I am blacker than trees

Alone in the dark

I am harder to reach

Than the stars on the charts

Is that all this is

Just a game to explain

All around us, what's written

In bold and in plain?

We are fools to believe

There is even a hope

We are stools beneath feet

Dangling free from the rope

I have nothing to give

I am useless, it's true

There's no point in my living

I'm not lying to you

There's no cosmic equation

No journey, no train

Just a world full of feelings-

A world full of pain

Then one moment its gone

And we're s'posed to move on

Like we 'aught carry on

But I look back at dawn

And I see-

Don't you see-?

That we're headed to dusk

I don't hear a clamor, no fight or no fuss

So am I to believe

That we'd rather move on

In direction unfolding

Beneath our palms?

Like the tools that we use

To seek God, direction,

We head for the night

No that's not a conquest-! And

If you dare believe

That you can turn around

Well know what, think again,

Think again!

Cuz the moment you turn

The sun, it is gone

About to reset

Behind you, at dawn