It's a small creature with a life

Meaning it can easily cut you down

Yes, cut you with a jagged knife

This small creature will bury you in the ground

It's in your body; controlling you

Bad thing is, you need this creature to live

As it needs you too…

This small creature has things to take and give

One day you might wake up to feel its pain

It works all day and works all night

To keep you alive, to keep you smiling, to let you see the rain

You never pay attention till this small creature dims your light

You awake in a room; the doctor will say

"You had a heart-attack…it seems your heart-"

That's all you hear, for you wish it all would go away

This small creature is falling apart

It needs you to live, you need it to live

"But what if I get a new one?" You would say

"It's too late; we won't be able to find you another."

The doctor would explain ….

You spent your life feeling it breathe inside you

Each breath it took kept you around

You never noticed it was dying in two

Till too late, this small creature split in two

Now dead and buried

With a stone the only way for you to be found

Buried…with the little creature you carried

Inside you, that little creature, the beat in your chest is no longer around