The rain fell from the heavens in a torrent of fury. Heaven's tears plummeted to Earth into a small hilltop with scratched stones scattered about. Encircling the stones where the trees, shrieking in absolute fear as the wind ripped by once again. Above the treetops, in the gray and black sky, the lightning and the thunder were preparing to duel. The crowd of clouds roared in excitement, wanting to see the bloodshed once again.

Beneath the clouds was a creature full of sorrow. She was wearing a black dress which flapped sharply in the strong wind. Her dark brown curly hair was coiling around her creamy white face. It slapped her a few times, but she ignored the pain. Her big green eyes opened up, gazing down at the forsaken stones in front of her. Flowers were sitting in the mud besides them, signifying the death of a loved one. Suddenly, the wind blew harshly causing the flowers to fly away, lost deep within the nearby forest.

The one tombstone on the left said: Emily Wilkson. Born April 23, 1967. Died October 3, 2002. Beloved Mother. Loyal Wife.

The one on the right said: Sam Wilkson. Born September 14, 1993. Died October 3, 2002. Caring Son. Loving Brother.

The small girl's face contorted into a confused rage. Clearly, she wasn't upset anymore. She clenched her small fists, curling her lip. Eyes locked onto the tombstone, she screamed out.

"Sammy! Why were you so stupid?" She shouted, yelling at the tombstone as if Sam was there. "You could be with me Sammy, you could be…but..." She stopped suddenly, sadness and regret wrapping around her. Tears gushed out of her closed eyes, staining her dress as she fell onto the tombstone. She held onto it, as if life depended on it. Her shoulders were shaking heavily, her hair covering her face. The wind screeched in the air, the rain drenching her even more. Hope was dissipating.

Soft footsteps were heard behind her, but she still didn't let go. "Mommy," She muttered, "please don't be mad at me. I promise that I won't mess up again. Please Mommy. I'm sorry Sam."

"Keira, it's not your fault," A man uttered softly behind her.

"Yes it is," Keira replied, "Daddy, Sammy could be with us now…" She trailed off.

Keira closed her eyes, not finishing her sentence. The feeling of her father's arm around her small body made her relax slightly, "Keira, you're only eight. You can't think that you can save everyone." He paused, kissing her forehead, "We'll get through this, I promise."

"No we won't," Keira muttered as her father lifted her up, "No we won't." Tears began sinking into her father's black coat as she shivered. He began whispering into her ear, telling her that everything will be okay. She heard nothing though. She was too absorbed in her emotions.

Behind them, on top of a hill, was a cryptic man. He was wearing a black trench coat that whipped in the chilling wind. His white hair fluttered in the wind, which gave away his cold dark eyes and pale ghostly face. Next to him was a young boy, no older than ten years old. He had bright red hair that was combed upwards, revealing his light blue eyes. He had pale skin like the white haired man, but his eyes seemed gentler.

"Lord, didn't you say you killed her?" The boy asked.

The man grinned, "I thought I did," he paused, "but obviously Cross saved her."

The boy looked at him confused, "Aren't you...mad?"

The man shook his head, "No, I'm not. I've changed my mind. I want her to live. I didn't realize how powerful she really is." He turned around swiftly, smiling evilly, "Her power will be useful in the future, very useful. And because of her, the world will be in my hands."

The man began walking away, the mud sloshing underneath of his boots. The redhead boy looked at him, and then his eyes lingered over to Keira. She and her father were walking away now, her head resting on his shoulder. He couldn't tell if the stream of water running down her face was from the rain or her own tears. His expression was one full of sadness, and when he heard the sharp voice ordering him to come, he took one last glance at Keira. He spun around, running to his Lord just as the lightning struck the sky, the battle about to begin.