So, as all of you have probably guessed by now, I have discontinued with this Rise From The Ashes.

Yes, I have. It was a hard decision on my part, to restart from the beginning. But, in the end, I think the new version will be better overall, and will be more successful.

The new version, as of December 9th, 2010, is posted up on my profile. So far, I only have a prologue and the first chapter up.

However, I am halfway finished with chapter two.

I am very determined to finish the first draft of my completed novel by the end of senior year. Right now, I am a Junior, so I have over a year to achieve my goal.

Please, if you have the time, go read the new version. It means so much to me, and motivates me to keep on writing when I get feedback and reviews.

Also, I do return reviews. Just make sure you make that clear in your review.

The new version does have the same characters. Keira Wilkson is still the protagonist, and the antagonist is still Alocer, but I just revised some of the plot and I added new characters.

Some new characters include Ayden, Keira's brother, and Emily, the sibling's mother.

It is more intense, there is more swearing, and there will be more deaths than I originally planned.

But, please, go take a look at it. I know some of you will hate it, and prefer this version, but I still wanted to thank you for even reading the old version! :D