Chapter 1


Sixteen year old Mira Pascal sat on the bathroom counter, staring impatiently at the little plastic stick in her hands. Her heart was thumping as she checked her cell phone once again to see the time.

Nine minutes left to go.

How could she have been so stupid? Everyone knew that having random, drunk sex was dangerous. She had been taught that her whole life. Why did she have to go to that stupid party? Why did Seth Elsen have to be so charming and cute?

Eight minutes.

She blamed her friends for dragging her to the party. Sara and Paige were so annoying sometimes! Wait, that's not fair. She was just angry. She couldn't blame them. Hopefully, she wouldn't have anything to blame on anyone.

Seven minutes.

She set the stick on the counter and stood up. Turning toward the mirror, she lifted up the front of her shirt. Her stomach was still as flat as ever. She turned to the side and looked at it from that angle. Maybe it was all just her imagination.

Six minutes.

Picking up her hairbrush, she ran it through her long blonde locks frantically. Ten minutes had never seemed so long! She knew she would lose it if it didn't end soon. She was running out of things to keep her busy.

Five minutes.

She didn't even want kids! She wanted to go to medical school after college. Then hopefully become a physical therapist before she got married and maybe have a few children.

Four minutes.

God, what were her parents going to say? Her mother would be so disappointed and angry. Her father would go after Seth Elsen and murder him with his bare hands. Her older brother Matt would probably go after Seth with their father. And what would her little sister Marli do? She looked up to her big sister so much. Marli could end up like her!

Three minutes.

Please god, don't make me an unwed teenage mother? Aren't you supposed to be against that stuff? She liked to consider herself a good person; she volunteered, got good grades, and was kind and polite to almost everyone. How could a few minutes of a mistake ruin all she had worked for?

Two minutes.

Why does everyone always say how great and magical sex is? She'd always wanted her first time to be special and with someone she really loved. Sure she had had a crush on Seth Elsen since eighth grade. And sure he'd gotten into a fight with his girlfriend and went for her. But they had both been drunk. And immediately after, he told her that he appreciated her being there for him in his time of need. Apparently taking her virginity had been nothing more than a one night stand for him. Having his baby would be the cherry on top of an extremely bad situation sundae.

One minute.

She was too young for this! She had just started her sophomore year in high school. There was an entire life that she needed to live before having a child. And Seth had gotten back together with his girlfriend. There was no way she could handle this.

Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket, announcing the ten minutes were up. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she picked up the pregnancy test. She opened her eyes.

…A small blue plus sign.


Pronunciation: Meer-uh Pass-cul

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