Chapter 2: Dangerous Secret

It is said that everything happens for a reason. The tides that time brings us, events that change the course of the lines. A deeper meaning from something inside your dreams. It was this night that Stephstin had his first dream about Justyen and Steviad. The ones from Dream World that created him. So he can live his light into another world. It always cam from within the dreams. A ghostly figure appeared in his dream also. Whispering words of wisdom to him. It was Ogamoku, the Shaman of Dreams. Centuries ago, she met with Flesmus and gave her the same power. Now, she had made her way to this world, this dream, and would bring about a new adventure to come. Legends told that Ogamoku, had died the night that Code Master had been defeated. But, she never was. Now, she had come to this place, in search of someone new to aid.

Visions of forests, jungles and islands ran through Stephstin's dreams. Justyen and Steviad appeared, very faintly to him, running about, having fun and going on adventures. He didn't know who these people were...

"One day, you will know..." Whispered a voice.

"I will give you something to help guide you on your journey Stephstin." It was Ogamoku, talking through to him in his dreams.

Stephstin woke up suddenly, removing the bed covers off him, then turning over to see his alarm clock on the bedside table. He sighed, as he switched on the lamp next to the clock. It was six in the morning already. The light of the gas lamp filled one side of the room with light. His bedroom walls were made of wooden paneling, with wallpaper design on the top half, of pink flowers, vines and leaves. He loved nature. Stephstin swung his legs around out from under the covers, he was wearing his green robe and his red and green socks. His feet touched the soft blue carpeted floor, as he stretched.

Stephstin paused for a moment, then glanced back to his bedside table. He didn't notice it before, but there was a white diamond hiding behind the lamp. He blinked and moved over to pick it up.

"Where did this come from?" He asked himself.

Suddenly, the diamond glowed bright for a moment, the room filled with soft dreamy whispers. He looked around to see what was going on. He looked back at the gem and gazed into it. He could see the vision of his dream he had last night in his head.

"Stephstin..." A voice called out to him.

"Stephstin, can you hear me?" It called again.

He just nodded, and continued looking at the gemstone.

"I am Ogamoku, Shaman of Dreams. I have come to you, in your dreams to help guide you. When someone doesn't understand their dreams, it is up to me to help them, and you are the next chosen one. You must know that I am here to help you understand your dreams. If you wish to learn more about what is happening, and what is going to happen, you must first meet me. I am in Neriak, home of the Dark Elves, hiding myself within the darkness."

Stephstin examined the gemstone more, until he was sure nothing was playing tricks on him.

"I will be waiting in Neriak Stephstin, wait outside the town, I will know when you arrive..."

Stephstin smiled, as he placed the gemstone.

"I can't believe it, this is lucky!"

Before he could think about what he was doing, Stephstin was already packing up his stuff ready for his adventure. He rummaged through his dresser on the other side of the room, put on his white frilly shirt and pants, his jester shoes and flowing blue cape. He tossed his green robe on the bed and went to the kitchen to grab food and water for his adventure.

"Oh, almost forgot!"

Stephstin rushed everywhere gathering all the supplies he needed in his pack, and went to the bedroom and packed up the gemstone, he might need it. He threw his green robe in the laundry basket and darted down to the basement.

"Gotta take my staff and club too!" He said, throwing random junk around the office, then finally finding his leafy staff and small club.

On his way back upstairs, he noticed something following him all of a sudden. He turned around and a big cheerful smile came upon his face. Floating in the air, was an array of beautiful hearts around him.

"What's this?" He asked, curiously.

"Stephstin..." A voice came from his backpack suddenly, it made Stephstin jump a little.

He rummaged through his pack and took out the diamond.

"Ogamoku?" He asked.

"Yes, it is me, so you have noticed the romantic hearts floating around you." Ogamoku said.

"What are they for?" He asked.

"These hearts are connected within the very hearts of the ones that are in your dream Stephstin, they determine weather they are happy, or depressed." Ogamoku stated.

"Oh, really? But, why does it follow me?" Asked Stephstin, curiously waving a hand through the floating hearts.

"So we know if they are in danger, if they were to ever split up, the hearts will disintegrate and you will start to disappear from this world. As you know, they are what make you dear."

"Oh, I understand! They are... Me..." Stephstin said, admiring his beautiful pink hearts. "So, pink means happy right?" He asked.

"Of course, you don't want them to fade, but it is nothing to worry about, as long as they stay on that island."

"Alright. I am starting my journey now Ogamoku, I will find my way to Neriak, I want to learn more about this Dream World, and how to keep this love and life alive."

"I will take you to the Dream Island myself, it is there that you must retrieve the Mask of Light, that's what keeps the island safe from evil, once you have it, keep it safe with you, and you can keep yourself and them safe as well, understand?"

"Yes, of course Ogamoku, I want to be free to live, and to love, just like they are, on that island." Stephstin started to get a bit teary now.

"Do not worry my dear, I have never failed anyone, I will make your dream come true, you can trust me. You must head towards the Thundering Steppes and take the boat that goes from there to Nektulos Forest, Neriak resides deep within there, in Darklight Wood, can you do this?"

Stephstin sniffled and dried his tears, then gripped his staff tight.

"Yes, I can do this Ogamoku! I am a druid, nature is my home, I can cross these lands of Norrath myself." Stephstin said, walking towards the front door of his house.

"Good luck my dear." Ogamoku said, as the diamond stopped glowing.

Stephstin opened the door and stepped outside. It was almost midday, the sun shining brightly, the cool winds of Bloomtree making the trees sway back and forth. Spring was the most beautiful season in Qeynos, and it was Stephstin's favorite. The flowers starting to bloom, new trees coming up from the ground, birds singing. It was a perfect day to start his adventure!