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Leaving the house the group piled into the mini van. As they drove down the interstate the state police was there at the accident sight. "Oh my god." Tanner screeched.

"Tanner don't, they'll arrest you." Noelle turned. "Just pretend you're sleeping here." She gave him her blanket and Tanner lied down in the back seat. Noelle snuggled up to Jason to keep warm.

"Hey Trenton. Nasty accident." One trooper came up to the window.

"Looks that way, is the coroner here?" Davidson asked.

"Yes, sad really some young kid was driving and from the looks of things was speeding and pulled the emergency break lost control and we found him dead in the drivers seat. Hand on his cell phone." The trooper said and looked in the back. "Oh you got company?"

"Yeah, my granddaughter and her husband and my nephew who's sleeping in the back." Davidson introduced them.

"Grandpa, I'm not feeling too good right now the gas smell." Noelle used her condition to get them out of the conversation.

"She's pregnant you know how women get." Belinda smiled.

"You two look way to young to be great grandparents." The trooper laughed.

"Well unfortunately you know how kids today are." Davidson shook his head. "We'll see you in a few weeks, keep an eye on the old place for us will ya?"

"Sure Trent." The trooper smiled and patted the side of the van.

Finally reaching the Larson house, Janelle and Abby ran out to get Noelle. "Sweetheart!" Abby hugged her and then a big smile came to her face as she noticed her stomach. "Oh Noelle."

"I really have to go to the bathroom, Jasie make sure they don't hurt him please." Noelle hurried into the house and up to her room. Once in there she ran to the bathroom sitting there she started crying the emotional toll was just too much. She started the shower and just being alone allowed her to be the child to cry without someone telling her everything was going to be alright. Because everything wasn't going to be alright. Clay was dead. But how far did he go with the Ditters to start the hunting. How many humans were going to die now? How many of her loved ones were going to suffer? She took a deep breath for some reason the smell of the lavender body wash and the steam relaxed her.

"Honey?" Jason walked into the room and she sat there with a tee shirt on.

"None of my clothes fit." Noelle smiled and finished her braid. "So this is what they get. Me in your shorts. So much for the Sexy Noelie."

"I think you are. Tanner told Gray everything. Trev and Bry went to check on Clay making sure he wasn't faking or regenerating. Tanner is with Michael, Davidson, and Gray on their way to his family. Tanner has them calling a truce just to listen." Jason kissed her cheek. "Abby had some breakfast made. I think you should try to eat."

"Okay I'll try." Noelle got up with Jason's help and they went down the dinning room. All the girls were there talking and eating the smells were overwhelming. "I can't, Oh god I can't the smell."

"Noels." Jason caught her before she hit the ground and she started vomiting. "ABBY!"

"Noelle." Abby handed her a towel and Jason picked her up.

"Grandma it hurts." Noelle cried. "I don't want to be pregnant it hurts."

"She needs to be in bed, she needs to see a doctor." Abby growled. "Janelle call Luke. Thank god he's here, thank god he's a military Doctor."

"It's coming again." Noelle held the towel over her mouth as Jason ran her up to the bed room and shoved the waste paper basket under her. "Why does it hurt?"

"The babies are upset." Belinda handed her some tea. "Travis and Michael made me feel the same way. They don't like you being around strange scents. It wasn't the food it was the girls. When I was pregnant I went over to my sister's for her baby shower. They fought so much I went into early labor and was forced to stay in bed. Pups are selfish little things they don't like sharing their momma. Or have anything around her that might hurt her, like another female taking their daddy."

"But I can be around you, Janelle and grandma Abby, I don't understand?" Noelle sipped the tea.

"It's the maternal they know we are helping you the other girls are still ovulating and calling to their mates. It's threatening to them. It's complicated." Belinda smiled and looked at Abby. "So many years."

"I remember." Abby smiled the two old women understood right away. They could be near because they were not a threat since they were not of childbearing years.

"Janelle's pregnant, they didn't hurt when she hugged me." Noelle giggled.

"You're right thanks for killing my surprise." Janelle walked in with bags of clothes. "Yeah I went shopping."

"Lets check you out Mrs. Reicht." Luke smiled and Jason growled. "You can stay, I'm not going to hurt her. But I do need to check her."

The exam was uncomfortable, she only met Luke once and now he had his fingers in her. Jason was the only one ever to touch her like that. It felt a little invading to her at times. Then she realized with all the medical talk it made it easier that his exam was not something sexual at all and she was able to relax. "From the measurements I am thinking you are good into your second trimester. I've ordered an ultra sound machine since I could tell from you, Jannie, and possibly some of the other girls my services are going to be needed her." Luke smiled.

"Thank you Uncle Luke." Noelle smiled and he seemed to beam at the newest title.

"I'm an only child, I like the idea of someone calling me Uncle." He kissed Noelle's forehead. "I want you to rest, eat, drink plenty of water. In a day or so when they pups calm down and it's just you and Jason, go for a walk once a day no running or phasing."

"I cannot phase, I feel it starting I get so tired and my muscles ache but I've never phased yet." Noelle sighed.

"Doesn't mean you won't." Luke smiled. "Oh, try to contain your other physical activity. Make sure it's not so strenuous."

"No problem Doc." Jason grinned.

Sitting in the Ditter's family living room Tanner was explaining to his parents what happened. "Clay lied, you can't be a werewolf by being bit. You have to be born that way Clay was born, he's like as old as Michael. It's all a lie Mom, Dad. He tried to kill Noelle."

"But, But, But Tanner they're monsters." Her mother screeched. "That girl is one of them."

"Noellie isn't like them, she hasn't changed, she's like Like." Tanner looked at his parents. "Like Camilla. She has the human gene that is stronger and if we keep putting her and her babies in danger she will change. It will kill her like it did Camilla too. It will cause one of us to kill her and the baby. The babies, please mom, Dad fight the influence."

His parents started sweating and getting weak. They had been harder to influence than a teenage boy. "Mr. and Mrs. Ditters, lets go back to our home. Is there anymore of your family involved in this?"

"My brother and his family they're staying at the Inn. I'll have them meet us at your home. We believe what our son says. We have known you all too long to think anything different Gray." Mr. Ditter's told him as he picked up the phone.