I did this for a contest between a friend and I, so there may be some mistakes…? And… I know it has a significant resemblance to Silent Hill. :/

Contains: Graphic violence and twisted things.

A thick blue mist hung like a cruel veil over a small town, hiding the only living creatures that hissed and groaned in protest at the mist. The town was ever so silent, creeping with serpent-like creatures covered in icy blue eyeballs and many other disfigured creatures. It seemed the only life had been given to the monsters…

Until a loud, ear-piercing scream rose and echoed off the crumbling buildings of the town, creating mayhem amongst the monsters. They are whirled in the mist to face the direction of the in-coming source. High heels clicked loudly and quickly on the cracked asphalt that made up the old road as panting followed with each pace it took.

With the mere sound of the intruder's heels, the monsters took off toward the human. The mist cleared with the speed that moved through it. The blue blanket parted to reveal a petite, blonde female dressed in a blue business uniform. Her green eyes were wild with fear as she spun around to face the monsters that came barreling toward her in hunger. She shrieked, her voice becoming raspy with the constant screeching. She whirled back around and raced toward a large blue brick building as fast as she could. She slammed up against the glass door, accidentally cracking it and tumbling in. Shards of glass stabbed her flesh, tearing into her clothes and giving way to brilliant red liquid. She gasped in agony, then froze in utter terror as a shadow fell over her from behind.

With realization crossing her face as a look of sorrow, she choked on a sob to await her immediate death when a male's voice broke through the monsters' shrieking.

"You there! On your feet, woman! Now! They'll be here any minute!" He roared, sounding as if he had a helmet on his head. The woman rolled onto her back with a scream as the man lunged at her, grabbing a handful of her dirty blonde hair. He hoisted her up quickly, then dragged her deeper into the building. The woman choked on sobs as she held her bloody, torn arms to her chest. The man was jerking on her hair as they stumbled in an attempt to run through the horrid wreckage of what used to be a hotel.

"P-Please," The woman choked hoarsely as her throat burned with another sob, "J-Just kill me! Please!"

"What? What the bloody Hell are you talking about, woman?! I'm saving your worthless carcass!" The man bellowed as he released her hair. The woman blinked, her dirt smudged face streaked with salty tears.

"Wh-What?" She stammered. The man glared at her in the dimly lit hotel, his deep moss green eyes darkening by the second with anger and irritation. He stepped back into a ray of light in the hotel, leaning against a window pane.

"I'm not here to kill you! Do I really look like one of those bloody creatures to you?!" He snarled, his thick British accent more evident now. The woman gulped, clasping her bloody hands together.

"Th-Then who a-are you?" She asked carefully as she stepped toward him. It was safer to be near the muscular man than those deformed creatures. The man sighed heavily, folding his thick arms over his broad, bare chest.

"My name is Adrian… And you?" He asked, his voice much gentler as he became calm. The woman lowered her gaze from the British man's sharp featured face.

"I'm Trisha… How… How did you get here?" She asked softly, her green eyes lowering. Adrian frowned, pushing off the wall and dropping his bulky arms to his sides.

"It's not important right now. Right now, we need to worry about that thing." He claimed and raised a scarred index finger toward a doorway. Trisha's eyes flashed as she whirled around quickly. In the doorway just a few feet away, a large creature stood at least twelve feet tall. It had two heads protruding from its neck with no hair or faces. Skin was wrapped around its heads with a small bloody ringed hole where its mouths should be. It had six skinny long arms with three pronged claws slashing blindly at the air. Its fat tubular legs hit the floor, shaking the hotel. Trisha screamed in response, stumbling back into Adrian, who looked at the monster in disgust.

"Not those things again… Come, follow me!" Adrian barked in her ear, grabbing her thin elbow and jerking her around to follow him. They bolted down the hall and the monster lumbered after. Trisha knew at their speed they could escape the monster… Or so she thought.

When she threw a glance over her shoulder, she shrieked. The monster was at her heels. It took sketchy, stumbling steps that were double her own. Its faces emitted a loud raspy roar as if it had been screaming as much as Trisha. She forced her stiff legs to catch up beside Adrian so he was no longer dragging her.

"It's so fast! Why is it so fast?!" She screamed. Adrian led them around a corner, skidding a little on the dusty, rubble covered tiled floor. His expression was grim as if he knew they're fate was long since decided.

"It just is! If I had known it'd be easier to stop it! Keep running! Those things get worse than they catch you!" He yelled over the roaring monster that was gaining on them. Up ahead, an empty elevator shaft opened up at the end of the hallway. Trisha wailed.

"Noooo! We're going to die! No! I can't die-"

"Shut up! We won't die! Not yet! And not without a fight, damn it!" Adrian cursed, then grabbed Trisha's elbow again. Trisha's wild green eyes locked on him in horror as her frantic mind came to a halt with realization.

"Oh god! No! We'll die if we jump!" She cried in terror. Adrian scowled.

"Trust me, if we did, it'd be a lot better than letting that thing catch us!" He retorted, then pushed off the floor. He dragged the screaming woman with him as they slid across the dusty, stained floor and down the shaft. The monster skidded to a halt, its thick tubular legs screeching. It roared in outrage and slammed all six of its arms into the opening of the shaft. Trisha screamed as they sailed down, down, down into the dark abyss of the elevator shaft. Even worse, her hands kept hitting into things that felt suspiciously like hanging bodies from the cords that whipped at their falling forms.

"Adriaaaaan!" Trisha wailed, tears streaking her horrified face.

"Quiet!" Was all Adrian could say before they splashed into something down below. Trisha gasped under the water, thrashing violently as Adrian's grip vanished from her arm. She managed to get to the surface where she was met with the inside of a pool room with a single bulb swaying above the pool. She gasped, short cries coming in between as she moved around quickly.

"Adrian?! Adrian?! Where are you?!" She screamed, whipping her head around to find the British man. Finally, a man climbed over the edge of the pool, gasping as well.

"Trisha! Hurry! Get out of the water!" Adrian roared, his voice echoing off the gray, red smeared tiled walls. Trisha hadn't even moved when something brushed by her leg. She all, but froze in terror. Her breath hitched completely as she only swayed her arms gently to keep herself afloat. Adrian glared at her.

"Trisha! Now, woman!"

"S-Something…! J-Just touched me!" Trisha shrieked at last and began to doggy paddle as fast as she could toward the edge of the pool. Adrian didn't dare take a step toward the ledge, his eyes locking on the creature that was emerging from the filthy water. He gasped in horror, staggering back.

The creature had the body of a shark, its fins sharp and jagged. Its head resembled a human's, only much larger with eight gaping holes that spat blood and bones out. Adrian panicked and dropped to his hands and knees by the ledge.

"Trisha! Hurry! Now!" He barked forcefully, reaching his hand out. Trisha gasped as water flowed into her mouth, splashing into her lungs. She stopped to cough and gasp.

"Damn woman! HURRY!" Adrian hollered angrily, then lunged forward and grabbed Trisha's shoulder, jerking hard. Trisha screamed in agony as Adrian tore her from the water just as the creature splashed back in to jump at them.

"Get back! Get back!" Adrian ordered, pulling Trisha back into the tiled wall. The large creature screeched a high-pitched sound that cracked the glass of the windows nearby. Trisha wailed almost as loudly in terror, her heart pounding against her ribcage. Her body trembled in fear, her gasps turning into ragged cries. Adrian gripped her shoulder tightly, gritting his teeth as the monster slammed its head into the tiled floor, lunging at them.

All eight mouths opened to reveal tunnels of sharp, jagged teeth. In the center hole, a long snake-like creature with white eyes that ran down its neck shot out at them. Adrian grabbed the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a net to clean the pool. He swung it out and it smacked into the eel creature, which shrieked in response. It whipped around frantically as the net wrapped around it.

All the mouths on the creatures head screamed in agony and it tore backwards into the pool, disappearing into the abyss. Trisha panted in horror, her green eyes wide.

"T-That thing! Wh-What…?!"

"No time! Come on!" Adrian snarled, jerking on her shoulder and dragging her toward the exit of the pool room. Trisha whimpered pitifully, keeping close to Adrian's arm.

"Adrian! Please, tell me what's going on!" She whined. Adrian glared at her, stopping in the middle of the hallway outside.

"You stupid git! What is wrong with you?! I told you to keep swimming! Why didn't you listen to me?!" He demanded angrily, his moss colored eyes glowing with fury even in the dimly lit hall. Trisha gulped, taking a step back from the large British man.

"I-I was scared! I-"

"Scared?! Scared?! You were scared of that-that thing?! If you think that thing was terrifying, you'll never survive here!" Adrian barked. Trisha's green eyes welled with fat wet tears as she quivered under his powerful glare.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She sobbed. Adrian could only glare for a second before his sharp features softened.

"Ey… Ey, stop crying… We need to concentrate on gettin' out of 'ere… It's not safe."

"I-I know that!" Trisha snapped past her tears. Adrian shrugged.

"There are safe places in this town-"

"Where?! Where?! I don't even know where we are!" Trisha wailed, pulling her blonde hair. Adrian blinked, looking at her curiously.

"You don't?" He questioned. Trisha glared in the darkness; her fear giving way to anger that couldn't really match Adrian's.

"NO! I was in my car in the parking lot at my job when someone jumped in from the backseat! Next thing I know, I'm in this horrible town getting chased by something that doesn't even look human!" She screamed, clenching her fists to her chest. Adrian frowned, his eyes looking a bit annoyed.

"Fo' your information… I was born in this town." He deadpanned. Trisha blinked, then felt heat rising to her cheeks in shame.

"Er… I-I…"

"Nevermind that. We have to get to my apartment. It's across town, so it's a bit of a ways out… If we can get into the sewers, it'll be a lot easier. Stay close unless you want to end up the meal of the creatures here." Adrian advised, cocking a brow upwards. Trisha only gave a weak nod and followed Adrian down the hallway in a short silence before she spoke up again.

"So… What happened to this town?" She asked at last. Adrian shrugged a little, picking up a rusty pole as they passed by the kitchen.

"It's a long story."

"I think I have time."

"… I don't really know," Adrian began with a sigh, "I was gone for a while… I fell asleep on a bus, woke up here. I don't know what happened. I have strong feeling, though, that it's because of the religious fanatics in this town."

"Religious fanatics?" Trisha questioned curiously. Adrian frowned deeply as he led them around a corner to an array of hallways that were practically painted in blood. Trisha shrieked in horror, leaping back and grabbing Adrian's arm. Adrian grimaced at the strewn array of body parts that lay in piles on the floor. What made it more unusual was the fact that the piles were neatly organized. The arms piled up on one side, the legs in another…

"Those religious fanatics." Adrian muttered dryly, wincing a little as Trisha's manicured fingernails dug through his coat. Trisha whimpered pitifully, trembling violently.

"Oh god, oh god…!"

"The stench." Adrian agreed. Trisha threw him a disdainful glare, releasing his arm.

"I meant the bodies!" She snapped. Adrian blinked, unfazed by her words.


"Never mind… Let's just pick a hallway already."

"Well, that may not be a good idea."

"And why not? We definitely can't go back the way we came! We'll meet up with that-that thing in the pool!"

"Well… I've got something a lot scarier than that thing."

"Oh yea?"

"Yea. That." Adriana raised a crooked finger down the hallway ahead of them. A humanoid figure was moving toward them, but as it stepped into the dim light of the hallway, it was pretty evident it was not human. It was seven feet tall with hair that hung down to its ankles like thin, wispy snakes that hissed and whipped about angrily. Its arms were completely missing as its legs staggered forward. Trisha screamed for the millionth time, grabbing onto Adrian's arm again.

"Oh god!"

"Yea… It may not look like much, but those little hairs-"


"-Can sink into your skin and slowly tear you apart… Very slowly and painfully."

"How do you know?" Trisha stammered fearfully as she quivered. Adrian shrugged, watching the creature with hateful eyes.

"Killed my sister." He responded icily, then shrugged off Trisha's grip.

"What're you going to do?!" Trisha cried, taking a step toward him. Adrian raised the rusty pole in his grip tightly, growling.

"I'm going to make it wish it never came to my town!" He roared, then lunged forward in attack. The Medusa looking creature sensed this, even without its eyeballs in their sockets. It ducked Adrian's first swing, then lashed out a foot at Adrian's leg. It was useless for Adrian leapt over its foot and brought the pole down on the creature's head. Blood exploded like fireworks, splattering on Adrian and the walls like someone had thrown buckets of dark red paint all over the place. Adrian stumbled back, wiping his bloody hands on his jeans. However, he looked a little shaken up as he staggered back.

"Adrian! Adrian, are you all right?!" Trisha yelled, approaching him. Adrian's eyes were frantic, his body trembling.

"Aahhh! Jesus, get it out!" He screamed, surprising Trisha enough to leap back. Green eyes flashed downwards and saw the mistake. Several little hairs from the creature were wiggling their way through Adrian's boots and pants, hissing as they worked.

"Wh-What do I do?!"

"BURN THEM! BURN THEM, WOMAN!" Adrian shrieked in agony, collapsing on his rump as he grabbed at the little hairs uselessly. They only split apart and jumped onto his hand. Trisha whirled around quickly, her eyes wild to search for a lighter. Her eyes landed on one that was clamped in a hand that lay limp in a pile of other hands. She trembled, taking nervous steps toward it. Adrian's screams rang off the walls, making Trisha wince. The screams cracked and grew high-pitched in terror and pain. Trisha lunged forward, snatched the lighter from the dead hand, then spun around. She lit it and without thinking, dropped it onto Adrian's groping hand.

Adrian gritted his teeth and screamed past them, squeezing his eyes shut. Trisha screamed as well, watching the fire engulf the little hairs… As well as Adrian's hand. Adrian hissed in agony, shaking his hand and knocking the light away. The lighter skittered across the floor and landed in the blood of the creature, igniting immediately. Flames shrieked and shot up to the ceiling, licking at the fragile structures. Trisha screamed until Adrian grabbed her with his good hand, dragging her away as fast as possible. They raced down the hallway, back to where they came from. Trisha wailed the whole way.

"No! We can't go this way! That pool monster-"

"I rather that thing eat me! Keep running!"

"Why?! There weren't any more!"

"No! They're blood! It's highly-"


The entire building shook and trembled with fury, groaning and creaking as rubble cluttered the halls. Trisha had collapsed to her knees, holding her hands over her head as Adrian draped his muscular form over her, grimacing as rocks struck his face.

After a moment, Adrian lifted himself away, shaking dust from his silky dark hair. Trisha panted in horror, holding a hand over her chest where her heart beat faster than ever before.

"Highly combustible..." Adrian murmured, rubbing a deep gash in his cheek. Trisha gaped at him.

"Oh, Adrian... Your cheek..." She whispered, reaching out to touch it. Adrian winced and reeled away from her touch.

"It's nothing. Let's keep moving." He muttered, lifting himself to his feet. He helped Trisha up as well before dusting off his clothes. Trisha took this time to rid herself of the useless high heels, letting her bare feet touch the cold tiled floors. Adrian frowned, watching for an awkward spell before looking away with a thoughtful stare. Trisha sighed, pulling her hair up from her face in a ponytail with a strip of her shirt sleeve. She frowned, eyeing Adrian closely.

"Well... You said there was safety. Show me." She stated. Adrian looked up to meet her brilliant green eyes for moment before showing a rare and handsome smile.

"Excellent... Let's go then, woman."

"Trisha, Adrian... My name's Trisha."

"Right... Tessa."

"... Never mind." Trisha muttered dryly as Adrian chuckled, then winced a little. They both looked at his burnt hand. The skin was peeling away in an array of burnt spider webs of flesh to reveal the red, blistered under layer. Trisha frowned, then tore a strip of clothe off her other sleeve, wrapping it gently around Adrian's hand. Adrian frowned again as Trisha leaned back to examine her work. Suddenly, a loud shriek came from behind them... But it was human!

Adrian and Trisha whirled around to find two men standing before them. They both had platinum blonde hair with flakes of dust and rubble in it, the taller one having brown eyes and the smaller one having dark bluish-gray eyes.

"Adrian! You are helping an outsider!" The bigger man bellowed, his potbelly moving with his roar. Adrian glared at the man, taking Trisha by the wrist and pulling her behind him.

"She was brought here same as the other two... They're here for a reason, Joseph." He growled. Joseph's brown eyes glowered like dark chocolate coals in his eye sockets as a vein rippled in his dirty throat.

"The other two were the same. They are sinners that come to leak the word of the demons." He responded coldly. Adrian raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure? Maybe they're angels with words from the gods." He murmured, but it was clear that sarcasm was dripping from his voice. Trisha flinched as the younger man roared in fury.

"Silence! You DARE mock the words of the gods!" He bellowed.

"Michael, silence your voice… The monsters of the gods will sense us." Joseph warned softly, then glared at Adrian. Trisha frowned, clenching her fists on Adrian's arm.

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked carefully. Adrian smirked bitterly.

"They're the religious fanatics I was telling you about." He began, but Michael cut him off with a snort.

"You dare shame us, heretic!" He accused.

"Michael!" Joseph bellowed in his gruff voice. Adrian rolled his eyes.

"You two are insane. So are the others. Maybe she can help us." He insisted, but Michael swung his hand from the inside of his jacket to reveal a small silver pistol. Trisha shrieked at the sight of it. Adrian's eyes flickered darkly, his frown deepening. Joseph glared at the younger man.

"Heathen! They are here to defy the gods! They want sacrifice!" Michael roared. Trisha screamed again.

"No! Don't kill us! We just barely made it out of that Hellhole alive!" She cried angrily, stomping her foot. Adrian winced at her curse. Michael's face grew slightly purple with fury.

"No Hell is here, woman! This is the sanctuary of the gods!"

"Well, it was," Joseph mumbled, his gruff voice growing quiet, "Until the creatures of Tartarus swindled their way here."

"Where?" Trisha asked. Adrian cringed and waved his hands for Trisha to shut up, even though the deed was already done.

"Come! We shall show you! Michael, put that thing away." Joseph grumbled, smacking Michael in the hand. Michael only grunted, but kept the pistol in his grip at his side. Adrian frowned, folding his arms over his chest.

"No, we don't have time for your games. We need to get out of here before-"

Too late. A loud raspy roar echoed in the hallway, making the ground shake. Everyone spun around to see a familiar monster with six arms, thick sausage-like legs, and two heads with blood caked mouths. Trisha shrieked.

"Michael!" Joseph ordered. Michael swung the gun up as Adrian jerked Trisha to the floor. The bullets shot from the barrel, zooming over Trisha's head and splicing themselves into the disgusting monster. The monster rasped loudly as a roar, swinging it arms around like a helicopter's propellers.

"DUCK!" Joseph bellowed and dropped to the ground. It was too late for Michael as the three of the claws flew off one of the six arms, embedding themselves into Michael's gut. Blood exploded from Michael's gut and back, spewing all over the floor and Joseph. The red liquid bubbled from Michael's mouth as he choked, dropping his gun to the floor with a clatter. He stumbled back a few steps before collapsing backwards. He lay there, creating an ocean of red around him.

"It's not finished! Run!" Joseph yelled, not even looking at the younger male as he leapt to his feet. Adrian grabbed Trisha and they bolted down the hallway with Joseph in the lead as the monster began to take its staggering, sketchy steps forward. It let lose a raspy scream, but did not chase any further than Michael's body. Trisha skidded to a halt, pulling Adrian with her and almost to the floor.

"Why did you…?!" Joseph whirled and winced as they all watched the horrific scene play out. Michael wasn't completely dead and it was pretty evident by the loud shrieks he let lose as the monster tore its claws from his gut, replacing them on its bare stick hand. The monster gathered Michael up like a rag doll; his head flopping back as he screamed chokingly, blood streaming from the sides of his mouth. The monster's heads reeled back, then lunged forward and Michael's skull exploded as the mouths made a sickening crunch as they engulfed their meal. Adrian, Trisha, and Joseph whirled around to run, but another monster blocked their path.

It was a twin of the monster that was devouring Michael like a hamburger. Its two mouths roared as it lunged forward.

"RUN!" Joseph bellowed just as one of the claws of the monster rammed forward into his forehead. His eyes rolled up in his head and he collapsed to his knees as the claw pierced his skull, sticking out the back of his head. Adrian cursed, then tore Trisha behind him into the room off to the side of the hallway. Adrian locked the door and stumbled back, still holding Trisha's hand as Trisha wailed in horror, tears welling up in her bloodshot eyes.

"This is it," Adrian groaned, "Five years I've lived in this town as it has been and now…" His voice trailed as he looked at Trisha, who choked on her tears.

"No, Adrian, please… I can't die now… Not now… Not-" There was a splash behind them, making them both go fringed in terror. Another splash and then-


Blood splattered on the edge of the blood, only a pair of dead, unmoving hands clutched forever in death.


A/N: I was never a fan of happy endings…