The Intruder

"Kelly!" I called for my sister. "Kelly!" I peeked outside and noticed that both she and her car were gone.

"Is the coast clear?" My friend, Catarina asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah, lets go!" I hissed.

We were heading to one of the Great Unknowns to continue our original mission. This one was close to us, so we needn't run, but our time was limited. As we ran, other operatives followed. We kept a close eye on all cars and houses just in case They were watching from the darkness of our surroundings. I ran to the gate and tapped on the pad lightning fast.

"We're in." We stepped into the elevator and gasped at the sped that it moved. It was so slow, by the time we got to our destination I thought we had already graduated and all went to major Ivy League schools. When we got to our stop, I looked at Catarina. "Fix that please."

"Cici, the guard is down." Andy called from his post. His brother, Nat, handed out the stun guns and gumball shooters. The place suddenly lit up with warning lights burning everyone's eyes. Gas seeped into the room, making everyone cough and hack. We sounded like a hospital.

"Everybody, move!" Immediately the kids scattered like mice running from a starving Garfield.

"Cici, Operative Nerd, down." Andrew's eyes glittered with determination.

"Track him down! Look everywhere!" I said running down the stairs to the security room. The cameras were all fuzzy. "No wonder we keep getting our butts kicked. This place is more low-tech than an intercity school.

That's when I noticed a camera that had a crystal clear picture. It was odd. No one was there, but I specifically remember the Doppelgangers running down there. I strapped up and left the room. The hallway was silent and the walls provided the perfect camouflage for me in my dark sweat suit. As I entered the rear corridor, I felt a presence somewhere behind. I turned, ready to shoot. The only thing that was there was the deep fog that seemed to wrap around me. Oddly enough, it had a sweet smell to it. The smoke seemed to beckon me to the utility closet. The door burst open and large hands grabbed me, lifting me as if I was as light as a feather.

"Let me go!" I yelled at the enemy, wishing that I had avoided the flavorful smoke. All around me, alarms went off and voices yelled, a battle ensuing on every floor of the building. The enemy suddenly dropped me and the noise level stilled. We had all heard the same sound. The sound of a car motor idling nearby. "Abort mission! Scatter!" I yelled.

Kids everywhere yelled and picked up their mess. The worst enemy was about to appear. I grabbed the television remote and ran to the kitchen. Catarina took out the cherry cake and ran into the recreation room, quickly cutting it into several pieces. Nat grabbed a bag of chips and poured them into the bowl while Andy crunched some up and spread the crumbs onto the ground. The room became slightly overcrouded as everyone bunched together, trying to appear innocent even while not. We held our breath, feeling like mice stuck in a mouse trap. Even the air quivered. The front door opened and footsteps could be heard as the enemy neared the recreation door.

"Hey y'all." My sister said suspiciously. "How goes it?"

A silent breath was released, not unlike the breath of a chess master when he or she finally wins the game. I smiled at her, cheeks shaking. "Nothing, how was your break?"

She looked at me and rolled her eyes, still suspicious. We all cheered silently, congratulating ourselves. At least until Kelly ran back in, her veins popping out of her head like a daisy in springtime. She dragged one of my friends in, his eyes apologizing for his stupidity. "I thought I told you to STOP playing spy games in the house while no one is here!" We ran her over her in our haste to leave the room. So much for Covert Operations.