I kept walking up until I hit my room. I was sure that everything that happened had been a hallucination and that once I got a lot of sleep and stopped thinking so much I would be fine.

Yeah right. Even I didn't believe that.

I mean, I have never been the most creative person unless it was to do something evil, manipulative, or downright wrong. But I can't-and couldn't-dream this up even if I was doped up for days and days and days! I mean, really, who else but animation lovers could? I wanted to blink and pretend that nothing happened, but it turns out that I'm not so good at doing that.

I walked to my bed and collapsed, groaning at the sound that my bed had made. I really needed to get a new bedspring before mine ended up wedged in my back. But in order to do that, my conscience would need me to get a job and do it. I couldn't ask them for anything without worrying, seeing as they weren't my guardians yet. The dilemma that forged in my brain was one that reawakened the headache that had once been so graciously cured.

"You know, you could do that yourself if you just accepted the fact that we exist." I heard a deep voice say.

I put my arm over my eyes and felt myself frown. There was no way that someone could be in here. I was positive that I had locked my door and I'm even more positive that my window was shut. I was getting sick of being scared to death of these people. But, wait...

I sat up. "You're a dude."

He gave me a sarcastic look which I ignored. "Yes, I'm quite aware of that, madame dunce."

I ignored that. "Are you the only guy?"

His face darkened. "No."

Our counterpart is a guy. He is the opposite of everything your mother stood for. His purpose was to kill you. Erimay said, her thoughts solemn.

I nodded. "Oh. Well why are you in my room?"

"Because you locked the other two out. Plus your moronic cousin is floating around here. If he saw me, that would raise questions and then we would have to erase his mind."

"For real? We can do that?" Maybe I could erase Sasha's memory so that she won't ever-

"No. We can't. Your mom didn't want that particular trait to either be passed on to our children or handled by her colleagues."

"Imagine the crime spree that would ensue and noone would even know about." Erimay said from his side.

"It'd be a cacophony of crime from petty thievery to mass murder. Owners would be unstoppable."

I nodded as if I understood, but really, I was just thinkins how reepy it was of them to run up in my LOCKED bedroom door and talk like they didn;t just teleport. I mean, the whole point of me coming to my room in the first place was to get away from the freaky side of my life and to chill and breathe. Now I was surrounded by...i don't even know what to call them-us- but abnormalities. Yeah, that fit best and it wasn't related to any insults. Though wouldn't being called abnormal be an insult? Or would it be okay because being weird was being abnormal? Though-

"Taznia!" Someone interrupted my thoughts. I shook my head and peered closely at the boy. "Abnormal, in most cases is an insult, okay? Stop thinking so loud."

I stared at him for a minute. "That is still kind of creepy." I said. They shrugged. "So, what's your name anyway?" I stood up and stretched, ready to jump out the window, but resisting the urge.


"Jay? You better shuffle off before my moronic cousin walks in and decides to kill you."

"He can't-"

I shook my head. "Dude, you can't do anything to him. As my cousin and best friend, there is no way you can destroy him or hurt him at all."

I wasn't sure I could tell for sure, but I thought that Jay was pouting.

Yes, I am pouting, got something to say about it? He thought.

"Watch ya mouth, hombre. I may look sweet, but as you should know, I have a nasty taste for revenge." I flopped back down on the bed and groaned as my door flew open.

"Who are you talking to?" Hernia asked.

I looked around my newly empty room and shot my pillow ar him.

Stupid abnormalities.