A Sense of Peace, Life, Death...among other things...

I was sitting in my bed thinking (which I seem to do a lot of...) and I was subconsciously writing a speech and sort of "self memoir" when this little story/blurb/essay-like thing came to mind. It's very deep. I am slightly afraid of myself. I may be possessed. XD Anyway...I call it A Sense of Peace, Life, Death...among other things, etc, etc. Please read all of it if you started.

"Life is like a book. There is a prologue of early memories that make one big montage of things you know have happened, but you don't REALLY remember them. You just already know the general gist of your young life, the basic outline of what happened before. It was the introduction to the chapters to come.

"The first few chapters are normally slow, simple ones. Though some are traumatic memories, often, they seem meaningless when you look back on them. However, those are the things that shape you as a person, what your basis for growth is, the start for the excitement and plot of your life - the beginning.

"The story goes on. It gets harder and your problems seem to escalate. Those are the chapters that build your strength and resilience, that test your bonds, help you to know fear, so that one day, you may conquer it. This is the initial incident, the rising action.

"As it goes, you eventually may feel like you're going to explode, or, worse, fail. This is your battle, this is when you fight for the outcome in which you win, when you use the strength you've learned and the experience you've gained to face the fears you long ago decided weren't going to stop you. Because you had already put them behind you when you entered the battle - you decided that life was worth more than the sum of all its parts. Unless, of course, you didn't do those things...

"But no hero or heroine ever won the fight without help. Remember your friends and get to know them. Better yet, remember your FAMILY and get to know them. After all, they were there in the beginning.

"But anyway, by this point, you know that either: 1) Death is near or; 2) You've nearly beat it, that thing that calls itself 'failure'. You need to know that you will not fail. There is really nothing lost from dying - everyone will do it eventually; it just so happens that it was sooner rather than later. And, if you beat the battle, the enemy, LIVE? Well...you get the satisfaction of knowing that you took those things that helped you grow, the things that shaped you and carried you as a person, and USED THEM. Either way, you've beaten it. Either way, there's going to be a resolution, the thing that solves the problem, wraps up the fears and lessons and gives you something to grab hold of.

"But the resolution is not the end. In fact, no one really knows what 'the end' even is. Of course, there's death, but what is 'death'? What happens? Then there is also life. But then again, no one really knows what 'life' is either. There are many definitions - life on Earth, life in other worlds, life after death...what are we supposed to do? What is the PURPOSE?

"And that is what carries us into our epilogues, the journey's summary, the satisfying conclusion. But no, it is not the end. Maybe it's just a way of saying "this is where I was, where I am now, and where I want to go." Maybe it's like saying "this story goes on, but I can't write a sequel, because I've already learned, grew, and beat my enemies. I can continue along that path, but I can't change who I already am." Maybe your end hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's just your beginning. I'd like to say everything is a beginning, and there are no ends, but that would be a lie; you get one beginning, one middle (chapters), and one end. So let's pretend 'life' is a book, and you only get one chance to make it awesome (not perfect, nothing is perfect, just awesome enough for you). So, let's NOT focus only on the 'past', only on the 'present', or only on the 'future'. Let's focus on the story."

-Emily George