Rain, Water and Sand

By Emily George

Do you hear it?

It's quiet...

A soft sound...

Carried by the wind...

Across the sand...

Down with the rain...

Into the water...

It's gentle

It tastes sweet,

Of honeydew and milk

It looks like air

With clear breaths

With everything unnoticeable to the naked eye...

Do you see it?


But it's there

It blows

It has no pattern

No direction

It moves





The wind and the fog

The songs of nothing,

Their melodies...

Their beings...

There, salts and drops

Mineral debris

On a stone, a white slate

To draw on with chalk

Make me a picture

A picture of chalk

On the rock with salt

Which lies on the sand

That is wet with the rain

That falls in the water

That is carried by the wind

That delivers the sound and pictures...

What is it?