Anger; Depression; Loneliness; Pain; Sorrow; Rage; Jealousy; Hatred. All of these emotions, all swirl through the monster created by Victor Frankenstein. All of these emotions got their start in someone like you. Your eyes drew me in. Your smile gave me bliss. Your words were like sweet honey, but your hands were ice cold. I hate you. I hate you and all that you stand for. Not for you yourself, but because of what you did to me. Because of whom you created. Well, Look at it. Look at the monster you created. Does this feel good to know that you have caused this? I doubt it. You are lamenting and crying and moaning and berating how you have created this monster, while I must moan and berate and cry being created a monster. You can find your absolution in nature and all of her wonders. You can escape your frail reality into your books. You can even find escape in the arms of another, but I. I have no books. I don't see the beauty of nature in the pools and monuments you gaze at. And I don't have another to escape into. I am alone. I see pools that reflect nature's beauty, and all I see reflected is the ugliness of me. The inner ugliness of you. You created me with no regard to what I would become. You created me and abandoned me, casting me to the wind. While any rational parent would have raised me, taught me, you ABANDONED me. Do you know what is like growing up with no family creator? Do you know what it is like growing up with out the loving arms of a mother? Oh, so you have lost a mother too, well at least you have the memories of one.