Tonight you are the hero-

Or one you'll soon become-

But we'll get to that later

For a mystery's begun;

Let's introduce our characters,

As this stories only just started,

Our beautiful protagonist

And a man quite heavy hearted.

Now enters in the leading lady,

You've seen this girl before,

Her hair is of a sunny day

Her eyes an open door,

Behind her is our leading gent,

You've seen him in the night,

His face is but a shadow

His skin is lacking light.

And in his hand his only friend

Who's showed up for support

Is cursing his every move

But the man dares not retort.

As the shadows all grow shadier

And the gloomers begin to gloom

The man and his friend began their plan

Unleashing their can of doom.

He lifts up the revolver,

The cold metal turns to hot,

The woman goes without complaint,

Lies down and waits to rot,

The man does not even smile

For he's not sure he's happy at all!

He's destroyed what he's helped to build,

What he's lifted he's caused to fall.

And now you are the key

For you've seen the man before,

You know the girl and of her eyes

That open like a door.

You can bring the man to justice

You can show him how

You can be a hero

For the mystery begins now.