I was once a princess. No, I don't mean for Halloween. I was an actual royal, powerful princess. My dad was the king of the Hidden World. He was a powerful man that no one dare defy, well except my mom and few others. When I was about ten years old, my mom helped a young boy about my age and his parents escape. They were in a small jail cell and were sentenced to be slaves to the king, a.k.a my dad, for the rest of their lives. So anyways right before she left she came to say goodbye to me. She told me to always listen to my dad( I didn't exactly listen to her). I learned later that she didn't take me with her because if she got caught she knew her and anyone with her were to be executed. She did not want this to happen to me. So I stayed behind and lived as a princess. Being a princess is not all it's choked up to be especially when you are forced to do stupid things. But the lets go to where the real story begins, my 16th birthday.