Chapter 1

The person who gives me the best gift each year for my birthday(my father chooses) gets to eat dinner with me. This one year this lady made this beautiful hand made quilt. I thought she should of won but my dad chose the fire shooter one of the town's witches gave me. And yes I mean a witch with powers just like me. My dad is a warlock with unimaginable powers.

Anyways that year I went and found the lady who made me the quilt. She lived about five miles from the castle grounds in a small wooden cottage all by herself. I wore a disguise when I snuck out of the castle. This was not my first time sneaking out and it for sure would not be my last. That day I wore some sunglasses, a scarf with a sweater, and some jeans. I threw my long wavy blond hair in a loose ponytail so when the lady answered the door she would not recognize me.

I figured the best way of getting in the house without causing a commotion was to ask for some food. The lady let me in right away and brought me to her old couch to sit. She went into the kitchen and brought some bread and soup out for me to eat. I was surprised by how good the food was. When I was done eating the lady broke the silence.

"so what's your name?"

"Cassie," I answered truthfully. I was always referred to as princess or Cassandra, but I liked Cassie, " What's yours?"

"Faith," she answered, " so who are you hiding from?"

"Ah…what do you mean?" I asked.

"The sunglasses and the scarf. You clearly do not want someone to know who you are," Faith explained.

"Well if I tell, do you promise not to tell anyone?" I asked.

"Yes, I promise. But it is not like your going to kill me if I tell someone," Faith joked.

" No but I feel it will be safer for both of us if you don't tell anyone. Since I'm kind of suppose to be home right now," I said seriously.

"I promise," Faith answered sincerely.

"Alright, here goes something," I said taking my hair out, and then taking my glasses and scarf off.

"Forgive me princess. I did not know who I was talking to, "Faith said falling at my feet.

"Stop that and please get up," I said sadly.

Faith immediately jumped up. I could tell she was frightened being a "normal human" while the daughter of the most powerful warlock sat on her living room couch. She probably thought I would kill her any second now.

"I didn't come here to hurt you Faith. I came here to thank you for the quilt and to tell you, you should of won dinner with me. I brought you something small too," I said taking a small box out of my purse.

I handed the box to Faith. She opened it very slowly. I expected she though it was a trick and would blow up once she opened it. I later found out that was exactly what she thought. Instead she opened the box up to find a small red wax rose.

"That's one of the 3 roses my mom left me. They have protecting spells on them. If your ever in trouble just squeeze it and the person who gave it to you will know you are in trouble and where to find you. I always carry at least one with me, " I explained taking out a yellow rose, "I tried squeezing it once and pretending like I was in trouble, but my mom never came. But yeah since I gave it to you I will know if you are ever in trouble."

"Thank you princess, " Faith answered nervously.

"Call me Cassie. No one ever does since my mom left. Well besides Sam but he's only 4 years old," I babbled.

"Thank you Cassie," Faith said smiling.

From that day on I visited Faith at least once a week. My dad noticed my extra absences but no matter how well he had me guarded I always found a way to ditch the guards and get out of the castle. The easiest way to do this is to go quickly around a corner and out the window or quickly run into the closest servant chamber with out my guards seeing me, which did not always work out. Then I would disguise myself by throwing on a servant's dress or just some sheet and walk out the servant entrance which only had one or two guards at it. Eventually my dad gave up on me and just said I had to be home after dark.

But there I go getting off track again. Let's get to my 16th birthday…