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A book, titled "Mystery Love", a pocket knife, a white worn out T-shirt, and a piece of folded up paper.

All these things seemed to belong to her boyfriend, whom had disappeared only a few months before, then these items appeared on her doorstep out of no where.

Her name is Kiya. She is eighteen, and just like any normal teenager, she fell in love.

His name is Demitri. He is nineteen, He was a transfer student from Europe, and someone who had many secrets that could never be told, not even to the one he loved most.

October Twenty-First, Two-thousand-seven.

That was the day Demitri disappeared, without a note left or any kind of goodbye; he just disappeared.

That left Kiya depressed, and hopeless, until the fateful day when those four unique items appeared on her doorstep.

She took them up to her room and spread them across her queen size bed, and sat there examining them closely.

She knew not who left them for her, or why, but she knew she had to figure out why.

These four items are the key to finding Demitri.

The shirt she recognized as the shirt that Demitri had almost always worn.

The pocket knife as the knife he had always carried in his pocket.

The book as the only book he had actually 'loved'.

As for the paper, she still hadn't opened it to read what was inside.

So that was the first thing she would do before she continued pondering things.

On the front in odd handwriting, read:

To whom, whoever is reading this.

She wrinkled her nose, then opened it and started reading.

Kiya, you have been chosen to solve this mystery.

Your boyfriend Demitri whom has disappeared.

We know where he is, but that is for us to know, and you, my dear, to find out.

We've sent along with this note his three most prized items, each of them has a secret hint,

Which will help you to find him.

You mustn't tell a soul about this quest of yours, you must do this alone.

Because you, and you only, can do this.

You know him better then anyone; you can figure this out.

There is no time limit, he is not in danger, so go at your own pace.

Oh, and one more thing, try not to make too many mistakes, those end in chaos.

There are three people whom may be of your assistance.

They will help you along your journey when you need them most.

For now, my dear, Farewell, and good luck.

She read it twice before folding it up and setting it back down on her bed.

This was her destiny, her calling, and she had to find him, no matter what.