Baby Baby Baby, the time has come for the poetry Tsunami,

You know I aim to evoke the kind of joke that keeps you smiling outside and in,

So don't take offence to this bespoke note and don't get your heart broke,

You light up the day with that sexy, sexy smile above all other folk,

Give the men folk a stroke with those sultry eyes, the freak it cloaks,

Now herein lies the spin that makes the world go round,

Operating in perfect harmony, you and your fine self, the yang and the yin,

Radiating hotness causing sunstroke, it ain't no joke, the head spin u invoke

Makes man commit sin.

Your eyes, those eyes that own the portal to the soul

With such heavenly pleasantness, willing me to that black hole

All the stars in the whole universe, you stole and through your eyes you control,

For I have seen the light, through those eyes, my thoughts will unroll

You hold the key to world peace, to eternal bliss, with that everlasting smile

Your lifestyle to which I would exile, so just show me the dotted line to, without no loophole, I would gladly enrol

I leave you with nothing but true words I spoke, but should you feel for this I must choke, then baby, its win-win coz it's still skin on skin!