I watched as she played in the rain, she was dancing and singing a song that could lift your spirits if you were sad. Her dark brown hair was sticking to her face and her black tee shirt was soaked all the way through. I was sitting on a bench nearby getting just as wet. She looked over at me and her blue eyes shone bright with an idea. She skipped over to my bench and stuck out her hand and said, "Good Sir, may I have this dance?".

Yes it was cliché but I couldn't say no when she looked so beautiful and happy, So I got up and started to dance with her in the rain. Then to make the moment even more special, I pulled her close and kissed her once softly on the lips. She smiled and continued to dance and sing, I hummed along with the song she was singing. We danced and sang for a while, then the rain started to let up and the sun started to poke through the clouds, she looked up and frowned at the sky as if to say, "Why ruin my fun now?". I couldn't help but laugh when she stuck her bottom lip out and started to pout.

She then looked over to me and asked me to escort her to her car at the other side of park we were at, I happily agreed. We walked holding hands but didn't say anything, it was a comfortable silence. We were both still soaked but neither of us cared, I looked down and saw she had no shoes on, but I didn't ask why. It just seemed to make since that she wouldn't have shoes on. When we got close to her car, we found ourselves blocked by a shallow stream that had appeared during the storm. I swooped her off her feet and carried her marital style across the stream, she giggled the entire time til we got to her car. I sat her down and opened her car door for her, she blushed, kissed me again and climbed in her car and said, " Well kind Sir, thank you for such a great day, I hope to see you around." She then winked at me and drove away.

I watched until her car was gone then started to head back to my own car, where my brother who had been playing tag with some of his friends was waiting for me. He looked at me funny and asked "Who was the girl you were dancing with?". I answered him honestly, "I have absolutely no clue.".


Hey guys, its me again. I wrote this one night when I couldn't sleep. I have considered making it into an entire story but not sure if I should or not, So I thought I should get your opinion. Reviews would be deeply appreciated. Play in the sun, you'll get vitamin D. xoxoxoxoxo Lurv you all, Smiling Sarcasm 3