This is to the ones I love and to the ones who have loved me
You held my hand when the beaten path became too rough for me to manage on my own
And you kept me from losing my way and giving up on myself
I thank you for making sure I did not lose sight of life

This is to the ones who bothered to stop and care, even when no one else could see
Your gentle words soothed me, quieting the demons in my soul
And you stopped those devils from taking me over
I pray that you never have to battle these demons yourself

This is to the ones who worried, although I wish you hadn't had to
You patiently waited for my call, my desperate, feral plea
And you never turned me away, claiming you were too busy
I vow to never be too busy for you when you are the one in need

This is to the ones I love, the ones who saved my life
You never judged, a cruel word never passed your lips
And you were the ones who made me know that I am worthwhile
I thank you for everything, my soul and my life