So where do I go from here?

It's been an awful long time since.. well, y'know. It hasn't become a predicament until these past recent weeks... It's funny, actually. I never imagined myself to have these kinds of problems since I was small. Have I gone crazy? Definitely not. I am positively sure that this is all in my head, and I am extremely over-thinking thing here. Of course. Sanity is not the question here. Have I become stupid? This I'm not too sure. Well, I have certainly been hitting my head on a few edges lately...

I have to stop. I mean, who am I kidding? I remember something Albert Einstein once said before.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

Oh really? I think not.

If gravitation is not responsible, then why do we keep falling for that person? Where did the hard ground go? If what Einstein said was true, I would not be losing my head right now. I would be skipping happily along the sidewalk, and away from under this dark storm cloud. Am I being to metaphorical? Am I even making sense anymore?

Let me rephrase the main question. Have I really completely lost all sensible thinking and any common sense? If Cupid was here, I'd sue him. Why must I go through something like this? Why must I have so much stress when I'm still sixteen? An adult wouldn't be this flustered. I don't think I've done anything so indescribably wrong that I deserve this.

Oh, I so do not fuss. I know and absolutely understand that I am definitely, as others would put it, 'in love.' If not, why would I even bother? And I don't like to fuss. I dislike fussing altogether. Too noisy. Why people must fuss, like my mother, I will never understand.

I like him. I like him an awful lot. Girls fawn over him. Though I personally think that there isn't really anything much to fawn over. But still... I like him. I would even dare to go as far as to say I love him. So much. But see, he likes someone else. Someone I am not too acquainted with. I don't even know if they're close friends or what.

Bottom point, he like someone else. No, of course I'm not sad. It's actually a good thing. Less stress, more happy.

But then, I still loved him anyway.

Even though he can be a jerk and a real pain sometimes.


Why did I even write all this down?

Now I remember. We were tasked to write some cumbersome paper in english class... Well, I hope I got my point across; and I'm also hoping the teacher won't be reprimanding me about this dumb paper I've written.

Well. Just a little lame exercise I'm doing. Don't ask.