A/N: So I'm starting a new story. I'm really gonna try to finish it and keep up with it. No promises guys. My plot bunnies can be cruel. Anywho, this story kind of came to me in a dream. Sort of. It is rated M for later chapters containing sex and violence. Hope you enjoy!


The drums sounded, calling the village to the commons. A little girl of 10 runs along with her best friend to stand next to their father, the Chief.

"Elisabeth child, come here." Chief Akikta said loudly enough for the tribe to hear. The little girl looked around before remembering her white name, "Yes Father?" "Your brother is here child. He is asking that you be returned to him. I am inclined to give him to you, as much as it breaks my heart." "But Father, I am happy here. My name isn't Elisabeth, it is Aponi." She said, her voice trembling. "Please Elisabeth, come home with me. You are all I have left. Our parents died last winter. Please come with me little sister." Benjamin pleaded. "Aponi, listen to me. You will always be a part of this tribe. You will always be my family. Remember your tribe Elisabeth. Remember our ways. You are loved child. Go now, with your brother." The tribe watched in sadness as the little girl who came to them so long ago, lost and scared, nearing death, walked away from them crying.