A/N:Quick note that I forgot to mention last time. Before I started this story, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try doing it all in third person instead of first, but wasn't sure how good I'd be at it. I noticed that some authors did another characters POV in third person, and another in first. I figured that would be a good way to transition. So when it goes into third person, you'll know its in the other person's POV. You'll understand once you get there ;)

Dense is to You, as Male is to Boy

By: lulu. lemon

Ch.2- Welcome to Summerton

"Carse, look! Look what I drew! You, me, Mom, and Dad!"

I lazily pulled my eyes away from watching the trees pass by my car window, and drifted them over towards my sister smiling brightly at me, her front tooth missing.

"Yeah it's nice Allie," I muttered and turned my head back towards the window. This family road trip we've been on had been going on for about two hours now, and if she showed me one more drawing, I was probably going to start snatching them out of her hands and shredding them to pieces.

"Dad, can you step on it or something? You said we'd be home in time for my swim practice," I whined, craning my neck around the front seat to observe the time on the dashboard.

"Carson, we're going the speed limit. I'm not going to speed so you can make it to your practice on time," Dad said, not letting his eyes leave the road.

I huffed and threw myself back against my seat, like any angry fourteen year old, not getting their way would do. I crossed my arms over my chest and rolling my eyes at my little sister, who was sticking her tongue out at me.

My Mom turned around in her passenger seat and smiled at me. "Carson, I'm sure your coach won't mind if you're—"

She never got to finish her sentence; and I hadn't remembered anything after that. Just a strong impact, then everything going black.

I don't know how long I had been unconscious, but I opened my eyes, and all I could hear was commotion. My vision was blurry, but I could see the lights of the sirens, spinning around on multiple vehicles. I heard voices and could see the faces looming over me as I started to regained conscious.

I slowly sat up, ignoring the people around me, saying something to me that wasn't too clear. I saw my car, off the side of the road, the whole side completely crushed. What the hell was going on?

I started looking around frantically, my vision getting blurry again. I could hear cries; my mother's cries. I pivoted my head and saw my sister being carried into the back of an ambulance on a stretcher, a blanket thrown over her entire, tiny body.

I gasped and jolted out of my sleep, breathing heavily. Where the hell was I? I looked around frantically at my surroundings, then remembered that I was at Reece's. Breathing heavily, I brought a hand up to my face, and felt the tears around my eyes.

Dear God, no. These dreams couldn't be coming back now. They couldn't be. I felt as if I was going to start hyperventilating, actually I think I already was.

After that incident had actually happened, almost four years ago, I had this same terrible dream of the exact way it happened in real life. Myself, and my parents obviously survived the crash. My eight year old sister, did not.

After my sister died things just never went back to normal. My parents worried forever about me, and Reece was the only other one who knew about these dreams of mine.

I used to be on the swim team every year, but gave it up. I used to play the guitar all the time, but not so much anymore. Reece had spent almost every day with me until I was more emotionally stable. But those dreams hadn't happened in such a long time. I thought they were over. So why the hell were they happening now?

That specific thing was the only things that ever made me cry. The only thing.

You know that terrible feeling you get after you wake up from a nightmare? I was feeling that multiplied by a hundred and I suddenly didn't want to be alone anymore. So I climbed out of bed and scurried across the hallway to Reece's room. He was sprawled out across his bed, wearing only a pair of pyjama pants, and almost all of his blankets were kicked onto the floor.

"Reece," I whispered, lightly nudging him. He didn't budge. "Reece!" I said, a bit louder, shaking him a bit more.

He slowly woke up, blinking a few times at me. "Carse..?" He blinked his eyes three more time. "What's the matter?"

"I had the dream again."

He stared at me for a second, then after finally realising what I was talking about, his face smoothed out. He sat up, wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his bare chest. "Oh geez, Carse..." he murmured over my head. His hand smoothed down my hair, and he pulled away to look at me intently. "You're the strongest person I know, you know that?"

I didn't respond but just stared at him glumly. He sighed and tucked my hair behind my shoulder. I hated making him worry like this. But he could tell when I was upset about it anyway; there was no point in hiding it.

"Are you okay?" he asked quietly. Was I okay? I felt better now. It was just the shock of it all.

I nodded my head dully. "Yeah, I'm sorry."

"Hey," he said, tightening his arms around me as I went to pull away. He laid down and pulled me down with him. "Just stay with me tonight. You'll feel better."

"I don't want to bother you."

"You're not Carson. So be quiet and go to sleep." The smile in his voice was evident.

I smiled and cuddled next to his side, took a deep breath, and slowly fell back to sleep.

I wanted to bury my head deep into Reece's pillows as I woke up at way too early of an hour. I could hear the alarm from my cell phone, going off across the hall from my room. I wasn't surprised to see that Reece hadn't even set an alarm.

I rubbed at my eyes and pulled myself out of Reece's grasp, and rolled out of the bed, stumbling over some of the clothes thrown on his floor. I made a mental note to make him clean his room.

I got a quick shower, and tried to eliminate all thoughts of my dream last night. Reece was right; this was my senior year, and I needed to start taking control of my life. Now that didn't mean that I was going to throw myself out into the clutches of everyone at school. But... well I wasn't quite sure what it meant yet.

Getting out of the shower, I dried off quickly and threw my pyjamas back on before I re-entered the hallway. I poked my head in Reece's door and saw that he had made no movement in getting up to get ready for school. I picked up a pile of clothes off of his floor and threw them as hardly as I could at him.

"Get up!" I waited until I saw some sort of movement from him before I was satisfied enough to assume he was awake.

I retreated back to my room, and closed the door so I could get changed. My reflection in my mirror stared back at me for a moment, and I stared right back, pulling at my hair here and there to see what looked okay. Even though I would most likely just leave it down plainly, or put it in a loose ponytail. I never really put that much effort into my appearance. Reece said it was because I didn't need anything to help, that it was natural beauty. I thought it was bull.

I only put some light makeup on, while letting my dark hair fall loosely onto my shoulders. Unlike some girls at my school, I didn't wear tiny, flimsy skirts, or low cut tops, or designer whatever. I walked to my closet and settled for a plain pair of jeans and agreen t-shirt. I didn't feel the need to impress anyone.

Reece suddenly busted into my room, wearing only a pair of jeans. I'd have to get used to him not knocking, because I had a feeling it wouldn't start.

"I was looking forwards to waking up with a pretty girl in my bed this morning. And you weren't even there," he frowned.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to my mirror, where I could still see his clear image through the reflection. "Sorry."

"Another morning then," he grinned. I watched him through my mirror as he walked in and sat down on my bed. "So... you had the dream again?" He spoke in a different tone now. I nodded my head through the mirror. "I thought you weren't having them anymore?"

"I wasn't. Well, I hadn't been until last night."

He frowned and tilted his head to the side. "Well... just make sure you let me know okay? Don't spend the night by all by yourself," he eyed me through the mirror.

I smiled and nodded back at him.

"Anyway," his voice piped up. "Which shirt would look better on me?" he smirked, holding up two different t-shirts in his hands.

"I don't think it matters what shirt you wear Reece. Girls would love you even if you were naked." I turned around and made a thoughtful face. "Actually, they'd probably prefer you naked."


"The blue one," I rolled my eyes. He smiled, and threw it on over his head.

"Or are you trying to dress to impress a certain girl on your mind," I raised my eyebrows at him, running a brush through my hair.

"Why do you keep bringing her up lately?" he asked me, his mood shifting.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned around to face him, leaning back against my dresser and crossing my arms. "I'm curious. You act all... different when you talk about her."

"It doesn't matter Carson," he sighed over dramatically. "C'mon, let's go." He walked out of the room, expecting me to follow. I shrugged, and followed behind him anyway. I just liked messing with him.

"Are you riding with me, or taking your own car?" he called over his shoulder.

"I'll take my own," I replied. I didn't want to show up with him, because I could already foretell the commotion that would happen when he arrived. I'm talking girls, obnoxious guys, and just a lot of attention that I didn't want any of.

Thankfully, he didn't nag me like he usually would, but merely shrugged and grabbed his book bag off of the table. He held the front door open for me, and then locked it behind the two of us. It was a warm, sunny day outside. It seemed like it was always a nice day on the first day of school. Which didn't make much sense since it was usually such a miserable type of day.

"Have a good day," he smiled, getting into his car, as I got into my own.

I nodded numbly. I'm sure I wouldn't.

Summerton High School was where we were heading; possibly the biggest high school in the state. It was a nice school, construction wise that is. About two years ago, they did huge renovations and practically made a brand new school. I don't know where they got the money from? But there must have been a lot. The school itself was pretty big, and very modern; huge gymnasium, nice clean cafeteria with floor to ceiling windows.

Sports were another priority on their list. It made them look good, so a brand new soccer turf was added, with huge stadium lights for when the games ran into the evening. And nice high bleachers for the hundreds of students and town people that loved to go watch. They even had an outdoor field house for the teams to go into so they would have a locker room to retreat to during half time. Necessary? I didn't think so. But Reece, along with the rest of them seemed to think it was pretty cool.

Then there was the football field with the same bleachers and lights, an actual indoor swimming pool for the swim team, which I could actually benefit from if I was still into the whole swim team thing. But I wasn't.

So the only time I really used any of this sports stuff, was when I was practically forced to go and watch all of Reece's soccer games; which happened a lot.

Some teams were the favourites of the school, because they always won. The soccer team was high on that list, which only boosted Reece's popularity even higher. You'd never show up at one of their games without seeing a sea of red and white; our school colors.

Basically, the sports program was religion here at Summerton.

I pulled into the student parking lot shortly after and parked in the first empty spot I saw.

But there were also the negatives about having such a big school. There were lots of students, so lots of cliques, lots of gossip, lots of scandals, and lots of annoying things that I had no care about dealing with.

I stepped out of my car, and threw my book bag over my shoulder, and made sure my car was all locked up.

Not too far away, I saw Reece getting surrounded by his little entourage. The guys all nodding their heads to him, and making unnecessary, loud noises, and the girls were flashing their teeth and sucking up already. The whole lot of them, laughing loudly, were getting some glances from the surrounding people.

And of course I saw Arianna Drover, first girl at his side; biggest, most annoying slut ever. Were my words harsh? Maybe. But I didn't care, I despised the girl. And she wasn't a big fan of me either. Reece didn't have much of a soft spot for her either, but she remained blind to that little fact.

Her three little bitch friends, Tory, Melissa, and Jaycee, were close by of course. Summer was most definitely their favourite season, seeing as it was socially acceptable to wear tiny shorts and tank tops. And it really wasn't even that hot out.

Reece seemed to be gently pushing her off, and turned to start a conversation with one of the guys next to him. Maybe that meant his girl was close by. I looked around at the bunches of girls that were around. None of them really stood out to me though.

"Admiring from afar, Carse?" I jumped at the sudden voice from behind me. Liam's laughter made me realise that it was him before I even needed to turn around. "You can go over you know," he grinned.

"I don't want to," I shook my head.

"Alright," he shrugged. "I'll just let him know you're watching then."

"Don't you dare," I snapped at him. That was the last thing I wanted right now. Although, when Liam went over, a lot of the female attention would spread evenly between him and Reece.

"I have females to tend to anyway," he smirked, walking past me towards his group of friends.

"Liam," I called before he got too far.

He turned around to face me. "Hm?"

"You're a jack ass," I smiled.

He grinned back and shrugged. "I do what I can." He spun around and strutted towards the group. Tory gave him a big hug as soon as he reached them. Didn't she realise she looked ridiculous? Dumb girl.

Well, that was my cue to continue on with my day. I looked towards the school's entrance and made my way across the parking lot, until: "Carson!"

I slowed my pace and groaned to myself as I slowly turned around to see Reece smiling at me, from where he stood with his friends. Why now?

"Come here," he smiled. I shook my head and smiled back. But I knew that wouldn't be enough. He gave me a look that was basically saying that he would physically come and get me if he needed to.

I grumbled some words under my breath, pretty much telling him off, then slowly and reluctantly made my way back towards them.

"Avoiding me?" he grinned and threw his arm over my shoulder once I reached him.

"'Course not," I mumbled.

"Hi Carson!" Arianna smiled at me. The hate was practically seething from her teeth. "How was your summer?"

"Good," I shrugged. She needed no further explanation from me. It's not like she was actually interested anyway.

"Carson's my new roomie," Reece grinned, giving my shoulder another squeeze.

"So I've heard," she smiled, glancing at me, as if sizing me up with her eyes. "Anyway, I didn't see you as much as I hoped this summer, Reece. My parents were totally dragging me all over the place on vacations all summer," she waved it off and shook her head like it was nothing. "Anyway, I'll see you some more around today, kay?" She touched his arm, before giving him her pearly white smile and prancing back over to her friends.

He cleared his throat a bit awkwardly and looked down at me, slightly smiling. His mouth opened to say something, but then cut himself off, glancing over my shoulder.

Someone else's arm snaked around my waist and lightly tugged me away from Reece.

"Mind if I take her from you?" Landon smiled. Reece stared at him for a moment, glanced at me, then let go of his hold around my shoulder, and took a step away.

"Hi gorgeous," he smiled genuinely down at me. "Haven't seen you for like a week. Hope I wasn't just a summer fling?" He had a cute personality, which I actually admired.

I smiled and shook my head. "Just been busy. You know, moving," I nudged towards Reece.

He nodded his head. "Yeah, he told me. Well that's pretty cool. Guess I'll be stopping by your house more often Reece," he grinned. I waited for Reece's witty remark, but he didn't have one. Just a little nod of the head.

"Want to go inside?" I turned back towards Landon.

"Yeah, sure," he replied. I smiled and started walking towards the doors with him.


I turned around to face Reece, and raised my eyebrows at him. "Yes?"

"I'll see you at lunch?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. May—"

"I'll see you at lunch," he smiled, making it not so much of a question anymore. I rolled my eyes and turned back around to walk inside with Landon.

Entering into the busy hallways was like entering into a jungle. Luckily, the hallways were pretty wide. So there was actually a decent amount of room to swerve in and around people. A few days before school, all of the students had been sent their class schedule, along with their locker numbers and combinations. I fished my number and combination out of my pocket and read off the number.

Landon nodded and led me down the hall, towards my locker. I twisted around the lock until the combination clicked, while Landon leaned against the locker next to mine, watching me. I pulled off the lock and then yanked the door open. A little too much, and accidentally hit him in the face in the process. Wonderful.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry!" I gasped. I quickly closed my locker door and put a hand on his shoulder and caught his eyes. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to do that."

He laughed lightly, and nodded his head. "Yeah, it's cool Carse. I won't stand so close next time," he grinned.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at him. I turned and opened my locker a lot more carefully this time, and put some of my un-needed books into my locker.

He cleared his throat from next to me. "So I'm just going to come right out with this Carse," he said. I looked up at him, intrigued at his tone of voice. "I like you," he continued. "And I liked hanging out with you this summer. And, you're really cool."

"Well you're doing well with the flattery part," I grinned. "I hope this is going to end well?"

He grinned and nodded. "Yes," he nodded again. "I think we should go out sometime. Like, go out- go out," he clarified a bit more. "I mean, I'm not saying like start dating right away, but just... you know—"

"I'd like that," I cut him off, smiling.

"Yeah?" he smiled.

"Yeah," I nodded my head back eagerly.

The bell suddenly above us, and we both knew that the halls would be getting overpopulated soon. "Well alright then. I'll see you later okay?"

"Sure," I smiled. He winked at me and started walking down the hall towards his first class.

And I could see a little light for a new start.

Liam leaned back against the hood of his car and enjoyed having all the attention from the girls around him. He didn't care if people called him shallow, or an idiot. That was there problem.

He glanced over towards Reece who was all of a sudden looking to be in a bad mood. What the fuck was his problem lately? He was always in such a bitchy mood lately.

Liam considered pushing one of his girls towards Reece to cheer him up a little. That's what he needed. A girl who he wasn't too much of a chicken shit around, and would actually talk to. But, that was also his problem. So until he wanted to stop acting like a girl... well, clearly Liam didn't care about things that weren't his problem.

"So... are you busy tonight?" His attention was brought back down to the blonde on his arm, smiling suggestively back up at him. "It's seems like it's been a while since you and I spent some time together; just us," Tory pouted. Liam thought she was hot. A bit clingy, but hot none the less.

"Yeah I'll give you a call if I'm free," he grinned down at her.

"Great," she chirped, standing up on her tiptoes, and kissing him on the cheek, latching onto his arm one last time before putting some distance between the two of them and talking to some of her friends. Tory and him were considered to have a thing. Except not really. People knew they hooked up all the time, yet it was perfectly fine for them to be with other people too. So yeah, maybe they didn't at all.

He loved high school. It was easy when you were good looking, happened to kick ass at a varsity sport, and hung out with all the right people.

"Hey," Reece called to him. "You coming?" he nodded towards the school.

Liam looked at his cell phone and saw that there were only a few minutes until the bell rang. "Yeah," he nodded. He pushed himself up off of the car's hood, and walked towards his friend.

The two of them walked towards the school together, grabbing a quick glance from two girls as they passed. Reece usually acted as if he didn't notice though. Liam thought he was bi polar sometimes. Sometimes he was laughing and being an idiot, and then other times he's was sulking and being a moody jack ass who would punch you in the face if you said the wrong thing to trigger him off.

Mainly that girl that he refused to talk about. Liam could admit that at first, he was a bit intrigued that his friend actually had some real feeling about a girl. But after the first year, it became old news to him, so until Reece actually decided to do something about it, he didn't really care that much about who the girl was. Liam just wished that the idiot would hurry up and do something about it so he could just figure out his damn emotions.

"So you're living with Carson now," Liam stated. "See her naked yet?" he joked, knowing that was something else that would piss his friend off.

"Fuck off," Reece sneered, not seeming too amused about it.

Liam rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Chill out. I'm kidding."

They passed by a certain red head girl in the hallway, and Liam made sure to give her a nice smile. The girl was a brainiac, and he had been able to charm her into helping him do his homework for most of last year. The helping had turned into her doing it completely, pretty quickly. And he was hoping to keep the same situation working out for this year too.

"Bring your stuff for tryouts today?" Liam asked Reece. Not that they really needed to try out. It was a given that they were already on the team. Hell, they were captains.

"Hell yeah!" his friend responded, his mood seeming to lift a bit. "I was thinking about it yesterday. And I think we should get coach to consider moving Jacobs out of center mid, he's too fucking slow."

Liam nodded his head in agreement. "I'm thinking Tim's going to get some more playing time this year."

"Yeah," his friend nodded in agreement as well.

The two of them looked at their schedules, figuring they might want t know where they were even heading.

"First period English with Reba?" they both read off at the same time.

"Nice!" Liam exclaimed. The two of them bumped fists and walked towards their first class together, practically owning the place.

Reece walked in ahead of him and took the empty seat in the middle of the class, the area where they always sat. Liam would have taken the seat next to him if there hadn't already been someone sitting in it.

He scoffed and strolled up to her desk, dropping his books on top of it. "You're in my desk sweetheart. But I mean, if you wanted to just sit on my lap then I guess we can work that out?" he shrugged arrogantly. Reece scoffed and rolled his eyes from across the aisle, and turned his head back to the front, not seeming to care to watch.

The girl shot him an un-phased look which surprised him a little. That was new. "How can this be your desk? It's the first day of school." Her voice was light, and Liam merely cocked his head to the side, assessing her. She was cute, nothing compared to some of the girls he had at his fingertips. But that had nothing to do with anything right now.

"I always sit here," the blonde headed boy responded.

"Just sit somewhere else man, it's no big deal," Reece rolled his eyes, lazily tilting his head to look at the two of them.

But Liam wasn't having it. Who the fuck was this girl to just come in and think she can sit where ever she pleases?

"Who are you anyway?" he eyed her. She raised her eyebrows at him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"None of your damn business," the girl retorted. She had a tiny voice, and it almost would have sounded angelic if she wasn't being such a bitch.

Liam sighed, getting frustrated now. "Just get the fuck out of my seat!"

"Mr. Sanders!" Liam heard the disapproving voice of Mr. Reba from behind him. Dammit. "Watch your language, and take a seat please." His voice was stern and demanding, and didn't sound like he wanted any of Liam's usual back talk today.

Liam grumbled under his breath, shot the girl a glare and then took an empty seat closer to the back of the class. Reece glanced over his shoulder and smirked at him, and Liam made a mental note to hit the idiot when they got out of class.

His eyes floated away from his friend and back to the psycho girl a few seats up from him. "Bitch..." he muttered.

When it was finally time for lunch, I was pretty relieved. Even though it was only the first day, a lot of my classes had already started loading on the work load. I wasn't even in that many AP courses; I was by no means a brainiac.

I strolled into the large cafeteria and took the first empty table I saw, over towards the windows. I could see, and hear most of Reece's friends, laughing loudly. They mostly consisted of the rest of his soccer team, along with the girls that loved them oh so much, and some other randoms scattered here and there. Don't get me wrong, there were a few girls who were actually just friends with them, and weren't just attracted to them. But not many.

I wasn't exactly feeling up for sitting with them today. Not the first day at least. There was too much attention on them right now, and that wasn't something I wanted right now. I sat back in my chair and pulled out a book I had been reading, and took a bite out of my apple.

Over the edge of my book, I saw Liam walking in, looking pissed. That was different. He usually seemed like he was high on ecstasy all the time. Peering around some more, I looked for Reece, figuring if Liam was here, that he was close by.

Speaking too soon, the chair across the table from me scraped against the floor and I looked up in time to see Reece turning it around backwards and sitting on it, folding his arms on top of it and resting his chin on top of his hands, gazing at me.

"Looking for me?" he smiled. I grinned and nodded. "Silly me, actually thinking you might come sit with us today."

I shrugged my shoulders and looked back down at my book. "Didn't feel like it."

He sighed and pulled the book out of my hands, closing it and placing it back on the table, away from me. He had a strong tendency of doing that; grabbing things away from me whenever he felt like it. "Why not?"

"They're not my friends Reece. They're yours."

"Carson," he whined. "How many times do I need to tell you they like you? Some of the guys maybe too much..." he muttered. "It's just Arianna and her bitch friends. And she's just jealous of you, that's all."

I snorted and reached for my book, only to have him pull it away again. It was like that practical prank, where someone attaches a money bill to a string, and pulls it away the second you go to reach for it.

"Fine, then I'm sitting with you."

"You don't have to," I sighed.

"I want to."

That's how that argument ended. I decided it was just easier to not fight with him. He'd win anyway. But if he was going to be here, then I could at least push his buttons a little.

"Is your girl in here?" I grinned.

"Yes," he replied quickly, not even having to look around.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "You're fast."

"She's the first thing I see when I walk into a room," he grinned.

I laughed again, and reached across to shove his shoulder. Actually I was reaching for my book, but he caught on. "You're so cheesy."

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. "Where did you and Landon sneak off to this morning?" He threw his head back as he drank some of his pop, keeping his eyes on me.

"Nowhere," I rolled my eyes. "Just to my locker."

"Why are you smiling?" he asked. His blue eyes stared me down.

I glanced up at him. "He asked me to go out with him sometime," I shrugged, toning it down a bit.

He stared at me for a moment, then swallowed and raised his eyebrows at me. "What did you say?"

"Yes, obviously." He didn't say anything in response, so I just grinned at him. "What? Upset that I'm getting ahead of you and your little secret love?"

He rolled his eyes at me and shook his head. "Just be careful, Carse."

I narrowed my eyes at him and gave him a strange look. "Okay?"

He stood up and turned the chair back to its right position. "You have Biology after lunch?" he asked. I nodded my head, for a yes. "I'll save you a seat, we'll be lab partners," he smiled, getting up and leaving.

"Bye," I smiled, happily picking my book back up and settling into silence.

"Jesus Christ! Why do I always get the worst lock in the school?" Liam groaned. It seemed that every single year he was in this school; he always ended up with the impossible-to-open lock.

He yanked it open with one last pull and cursed silently under his breath, while he threw his useless books into his locker. That would most likely be the last time he looked at them for a while. Thomas Edwards, and Mark Brookman, two other players on his team were lazily waiting for him, so they could leave for the end of the day.

"I can't wait for the season to start," Tom grinned. "Girls love me when they see me on the field."

"That's the only time they love you," Mark smirked, earning a shove from Tim, causing all the nearby lockers to rattle.

Liam shut his locker and grinned at the two of them. "Sucks for you guys. Lucky I can get any girl, anytime I wanted," he grinned cockily. The two boys snorted in response. They probably knew it was true; because it mostly was true.

"That girl right there then. She's new," Mark nodded at someone over his shoulder, then smiled back at him. "It's a bet."

Liam turned around to see who his friend was talking about. The only person in the hallway was a petit girl, bent over at her locker, digging something out of her bag. He felt his face drop as he realised it was the bitch from class. Like hell.

"No. Not her." He shook his head back and forth. The two boys grinned knowingly, then mocked him.

"Oh but I thought you could have any girl. Or I mean, are you-"

"Okay! Shut the fuck up. I'll do it," he cut them off bitterly.

The two idiots started snickering from behind him, and picked up their bags to leave. "Hey, have you seen Reece anywhere?" He heard Tom ask as they started walking further down the hall.

"No, I haven't seen him since..." Their voices drifted off down the hall, while Liam tore his eyes away from the girl who was still fussing about something in her locker. What the hell did he just get himself into? He didn't even want to try to get the girl to like him. So far, all she's done for him was steal his seat in English class, and get him into trouble.

"Yo! You coming?" Tom called to him, spinning around in the hallway to face him.

Liam turned around and shook his head. "Go on without me. I got something to do."

The two of them looked at him strangely, then shrugged and continued on their way out. That left the hallway with just Liam and this girl, who hadn't seemed to notice.

Grinning to himself, Liam pushed himself up off of the lockers and approached the girl. "What'cha doing?"

Her startled reaction gave him a small chuckle. But it didn't take too long for it to quickly disappear off of his face when she whipped around and scowled at him. It kind of scared him.

"What?" she snapped. "Oh I'm sorry, is this your locker too?" she bit sarcastically.

He raised his eyebrows at the girl. "What's your problem?" he asked casually.

She ignored him and started rummaging through her locker again. "What do you want?" she snapped again, not even glancing at him.

What did he want? He didn't really know. "Gotta name?"

"Fuck off," she sneered.

Liam raised his eyebrows and snorted lightly. "Harsh words for such a small little girl." She pulled her face out of her locker and looked absolutely livid. She seemed as if she were about to explode on him, but something over his shoulder seemed to catch her eye and cut her off.

"Mr. Sanders." He heard the school principal, Mr. Jenkins; clear his throat from behind him. For God's sake, he wasn't catching a break today. First he had some crazy, bitchy girl freaking out at him, and now the principal was already on his case. Plus he was fucking hungry.

Liam rolled his eyes skyward and slowly turned around to face the man who he had put up with many times since coming to Summerton High School. "Yes?"

The tall man stood superiorly in front of him, and looked down at him. "May I speak to you in my office?"

Liam stared at him dully for a second. "I didn't do anything."

"Yes, I know that," the man sighed. "Now may I speak to you in my office," he repeated.

"I guess so," Liam grunted. Mr. Jenkins nodded his head, and turned and retreated down the hallway. Liam glanced back towards the girl behind him, who was clearly looking amused, which pissed him off immensely.

He didn't even know this chick's name, and frankly, wasn't too interested in it anyway. Screw the stupid bet, and his friends. Wasn't worth it. Why waste his time spending it with someone he didn't even like, when he could have multiple girls around him who he was actually attracted to? Tom and Mark would give him a hard time about it, but he'd just hit them or something.

He raised an eyebrow at the girl, and she quickly turned her head away and went back into her locker. He turned and followed the principal towards his office. He could most likely walk there with his eyes closed; he knew the way well.

Mr. Jenkins held open the door to the main office for Liam, and then walked straight past the secretary, and into his personal office.

Liam resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he sat in the principal's office. It wasn't new to him. He had gotten himself into his shares of trouble. A lot actually.

"We have a problem already, Liam," Mr. Jenkins clasped his hands together, and rested them on top of his desk. "Your English teacher has informed me that you've been acting up in class, already."

"Can't you cut me some slack? It's the first day of school." He sat up straighter in his chair and raised his eyebrows.

"You're also failing."

His eyebrows drew together, and he became confused. "What? How can I be failing already?"

"Your English marks from last year say that you were slipping; we had this conversation at the end of last year, and you said you'd pick it up, yet you didn't even complete your summer assignment. And your English teacher doesn't seem to think that you're making any effort to make an improvement."

Liam eyed the man sternly. He really hated it in this room. It was always a mess, and it was stuffy. And he hated the feeling of being inferior, sitting down in the smaller chair while the principal sat up in his larger, leather chair.

"So what are you saying?" he asked.

"I'm saying that due to your grades not quite being up to standards, that I do have the right to not only suspend you, but suspend your soccer privileges."

That caused Liam to shoot up in his chair, and slam his palms down onto the principal's desk. "No, you can't do that!" he pleaded.

"Actually, I can. But what I was going to say, was that I don't think pulling you out of school will help improve any of your marks, and I know your team and coach are counting on you for the team. And we do take our sports program very seriously here. So we've come up with a compromise."

Liam swallowed, and sunk back in his chair a little bit. "A compromise?"

"Yes," the man nodded back at him. "School newspaper."

Liam raised an eyebrow at the man. "We have a school newspaper?"

"Yes. And you're its newest member."

Liam only stared at his principal before starting to laugh. "No. No, I'm not."

"Unless you want off of your team, then yes, you are. They're in desperate need of members, and your English teacher seems to think that writing articles would help improve your writing and literacy skills."

"You've got to be fuc — you've got to be kidding me?" He watched his language, not waning to push his punishment any further.

"Maybe next time you'll start thinking about your school work," the man smiled dryly at him. "Reece manages to be the second captain of the team, and keep his grades up. So I see no reason why you can't."

Liam scoffed under his breath. That was because Reece has Carson to help him whenever he needed it.

"But—" Liam cut himself off when Mr. Jenkins gave him a look as to say he didn't want to hear any of it.

"They have their first meeting at lunch tomorrow. You'll find out all the further information you'll need from there. So if that's all, you can leave now." The man stood up and motioned towards the door.

Liam was floored. Absolutely fucking floored. Yeah, screw this stupid bet, which was definitely off. And screw that stupid girl that made him act up in English class.

Great, now he was just as bitchy as Reece.

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