Ok, seriously, I was bored. Don't judge too hard. Just some random thoughts during math class. I really need to stop daydreaming…

I Will Create…

I wish I could write;

I would set my imagination free.

I wouldn't care about the world around me,

Because I'd create new ones;

Ones to be discovered by the bravest explorers.

I'd create new people and new kinds of people too!

I'll create the mighty hero, the dark villains,

And the clash between them to be remembered forever.

I alone will control the skies!

I'll make them roar and flash in glee!

But one world's not enough…

I'll create them all!

I'd rule the oceans and conquer the lands.

Alone I would decide all fates.

I'd create people that I know better than myself.

The people there would reflect me; who I want to be.

I will gallop on a mighty steed,

Greater than any that live!

Her mane would be black, as would her coat.

Such a beauty she will be to behold!

I'd give hearts love and give them hate.

I'd bring lands peace and doom them with war.

Such a battle to the end I'd create in them.

Full of valor and glory never to cease!

A world of sacrifice and bravery, malice and trickery,

And I'd watch as one overcomes.

Such wonder that could never exist I will create!

I, of many worlds…

I, of many names…

Then as if it has a life of its own,

My world will bloom.

So great it will grow, that I cannot escape it!

Such peril to face!

Such battles to win!

This land is mine, and in it I will stay!

But then it will happen:

I'll have to return,

And remember that I'm only writing;

Only writing what I wish would be.

But I do not despair when there is hope to be found!

I will still make every wonder spring to life!

So give me a pencil, give me a pen,

My mind is racing!

Let it begin!