Hey peoples! It's me, Essence, with another story! This one is if-y, but I think it'll turn out fineā€¦if people review! One of my many Christian works. I'll update in response to reviews, as will become routine! Enjoy!

Light in the Darkness

September 16, 2101

I've treaded the sands of shores unknown. I've gone beyond all that I've ever imagined. I never thought that perhaps one day I would gaze upon this glorious sunset and recall all that I've done; all that I've gained; all that I've lost.

It's a strange thing, fate. It can't be changed no matter how hard we fight. I've tried to fight fate, but soon I knew that I could not win. So I ran. For so many years I ran away, think I was leaving fate behind. I wasn't. I ran all that way only to find that fate had been running right beside me all along. I had to do the only thing I could: I embraced it.

The sand feels so cold despite the sun. Perhaps it's because the Great Light is setting. Sunsets once made me sad. I would sit and wonder why the light must always leave, deserting me to a dark world. I would weep sometimes like a child longing for her mother's return. Light is my only companion now that fate has found me. I no longer belong in this darkened world.

The waves are a soothing sound to the aching ears of my heart. I once loved my life, even though I dwelled in darkness. All of that has changed now. This world is crumbling and its people along with it. Since I was but a little girl I wondered why I was here, in this land, but now I know. I'm here to shine a light on a darkened world. They need me and the rest of my kind like never before. I intend to do all I can for them, for they are blinded, yet I can see.

Night has fallen and the stars shine bright in the clear night sky. They are an eternal beauty that brings comfort even in darkness. I wish everyone could look up and she the hope that I see up there. I cannot save them from darkness, for that is not my place, but I can help them see the light. I will lead them to it, with the stars as my guide.

Now at this moment I hear a call; a gentle tug on my heart. It tells I must return now, to the world that is falling into ruin. I do not wish to leave my haven of serenity, but I know that I must, for the sake of a lost world. I begin my tread towards water's edge.

But before I make contact with the beckoning waves, I lift my eyes to the heaven and ask. I ask if I should ever be able to return to such peace; such a home as the one that I leave now. The answer warms my heart and gives me renewed hope. My heart tells me that I will return, and a glorious return it shall be.

I walked out across the water to where the Sun has only just faded. At the horizon I vanish. No trace of my presence thereafter remains.