Beyond the Word of the World

October 2, 2109

I spoke with my Master the day before last. His voice was strong and majestic as it always was, but it was tainted with a deep sorrow that I could hardly fathom. I do not envy his position. What would it be like to create a world, and have it turn away from you, cursing your very name?

Since the beginning He's been there, watching us from outside of time itself. He's watched us grow and learn. When did the doubt come? When did the world turn and completely reject its maker. It is a sad story, and one that does not yet have an end. But an end will, make no mistake.

My Master told that I and my brethren didn't have much time. The crumbling world is on the verge of complete collapse, and my Master is nearly ready to let it fall. I thought about Hope when he told me that, and I thought about the others like her. They are the only reason my Master still holds on.

I met with Hope on the same day. She is beautiful to say the least, but her soul is what draws me to her. She said that her parents were never married, and she wonders why few people are now-a-days. I told her it was not always that way. She was mesmerized by the thought of growing up in a home with a mother and a father who were faithful to one another. Looking around now, few would ever consider it possible.

She asked why I am the way I am. I told that I choose not to be like everyone else. She laughed good-heartedly and mused that I was an 'alien amongst mankind'. The name rang in my ears like music. It was pleasing to hear. The name would make my Master proud.

Hope is curious; more curious than any other I have met. Perhaps that is because there is so much to know outside of what the world teaches her. I took her to the library today and showed an old history book, one of the few that were not banned from the shelves. There were no Bibles, though I would have loved to show her one. I am not afraid to share my faith, but walking around with one in plain sight is not bravery, but foolishness. Here is a way to share the Word without because a human target.

One of the books in the library was about old tradition of the twenty-first century. It displays the marriage between a man and a woman as a 'closed-minded tradition'. Hope asked me about it as she was only wont to do. I told how it was supposed to be; how there was a time when men were not permitted to marry men and women not permitted to marry women. I was curious as to how she would react. A former mission of mine had turned sour at this point.

It was a pleasant surprise when Hope declared that she'd always figured it that way. But then she asked me if I hated the homosexual rights. It was a daring question to ask, but an even more daring question for me to answer. But something in me told me to trust Hope. I told her that everyone had the right to do wrong, but that did not make wrong anymore right. She merely nodded her head and flipped through the pages, mesmerized.

My Master encouraged me not to give up on Hope, but I don't think I could give up on her if I tried. She sees things that others don't. I can't explain it. It's like she's already one of us. I speak to her and I remember that the world is not yet entirely lost. She is aptly named. Hope is not yet lost.