A Letter to my Dear Mama

Dear Mama, you are a walking miracle, with unfailing limitless love

With heaven beneath your feet, you hover above

You are my teacher, my encourager, my comforter with open arms

You have sacrificed much to give to me, unselfishly soothing my every hurt

Without you Mama I flirt with evil time and time again,

Yet you always manage to keep me grounded, perseverance you show beyond belief

I am what I am today because of you, your approval I wish to gain.

Dear Mama, you are my inner strength, my shining light,

at the end of the tunnel you will be waiting, selflessly, finite

I have taken you for granted, yet still you remain

Undeterred by my misdemeanours, you still kiss me goodnight

Your patience knows no bounds, your love better than the moonlight,

Despite all the wrongs, with you, it's all alright

Dear Mama you taught me everything I know and more

You shower me with love, like a monsoon's downpour

At times when I'm lost I try to find you

You know to hold on to me when it's time to

My heart's dictionary defines you, its love and happiness

My precious mentor, in your arms I find solace so don't ever let go,

Without you Mama, I am nothing more than wild boar,

And you my Mother are the definition of Saviour.